St. Paul & The Broken Bones

St. Paul & The Broken Bones is a six-piece soul band based out of Birmingham, Alabama, which formed in 2012.

“Paul, according to all the reviews and stuff that are written of the band, he looks like your high school history teacher, or he looks like Drew Carey,” Phillips explains. “Bottom line is that we’re a bunch of kind of nerdy-looking white guys, and when this sort of earth-shaking soul roar comes out of his mouth for the first time, you can always hear the air being sucked out of the room.” Janeway wasn’t raised to be a soul singer. He grew up in rural Alabama in a strict religious household. “I could only listen to, like, gospel Christian music,” Janeway says.” And he got most of his musical chops from church. He even trained to be a preacher. “I learned more from preaching than I did singing in church,” Janeway explains, “because you learn a little bit more about how to interact with the crowd — feeling momentum, just feeling that intensity — and it’s not a whole lot different than what we do now.”

(NPR Music: From Preacher To Grass Cutter To Earth-Shaking Soul Singer)

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Find the group’s 2016 album Sea of Noise on iTunes


  1. Wow!

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  2. Oh man, that’s a mood making song!

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  3. Lots of soul in his voice.

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  4. Whaaaaaat?! I feel a bit like Simon Cowell, “Well, I wasn’t expecting THAT!” Love this DK–great find! Have you ever thought of being a weekend DJ on some funky alternative radio station? You would rock….

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  5. Ha, I’ve recommended St Paul and the Broken Bones, twice in the past month… been listening to them for a few years…some of their video show his “Belushi” like footwork 🙂 One of St. Paul & The Broken Bones newest tunes Is ” ‘Flow’ With It” He sings Sam Cook and Otis Redding too. /// :Like Paul Janeway, Allan Stone is also a son of a Preacher and one heck of a Soul singer! /// another white dude that is an amazing soul sing is the UK’s, James Hunter, ah smooth “Walk Away” …and he has that sexy 😉 Huey Lewis vibe…
    You will probably enjoy listening to Vintage Trouble, outstanding soul and that, Mr. Ty Taylor has some dance moves, “Nobody Told Me” ///…Leon Bridges a soul singer in his 20’s rounds off with some smoothness. CBS interview with music, “Finding his voice: The throwback soul sound of Leon Bridges” /// James Hunter “Don’t Do Me Know Favors” /// Ha, I’ve recently meet a mid twenties man, who is a Berklee College of Music trained Jazz & Blues Guitarist and he wants to hear me sing…(think I’ll just have to sing Joan London’s ‘Cry Me A River” since I am such a ‘Torch’ singer and then a Rock song classic “House of the Rising Song” & maybe a Billie Holiday tune)…He is in a rock band currently and in the past they have toured the US and Europe…I am disappointed in missing a friend’s sophomore Cd release party late tonight …the daughter and boyfriend are going to a friend home for a birthday party for a local Blues Guitarist << lucky them…Music certainly, enriches…so glad you've found and enjoy St Paul and the Broken Bones…(oh, the female lead in The Alabama Shakers" voice is so unique…

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  6. You will dig St Paul’s and the Broken video of “Call Me” great tune and some fancy footwork, at the end of this Huffington article:

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  7. I agree with Lori,
    a radio talk show though!
    Callers tell you about their day/life, you fix it with a song, poem or paragraph from a book.

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  8. They are in Vancouver tomorrow, at the Commodore, ha!

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  9. my sunday morning gospel, i’m not one for traditional church –

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  10. Preachers ARE performers. He learned how to work a crowd well.

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