How could you
not love
the ground on which you walk?

~ Clarice Lispector, “The Buffalo” from The Complete Stories

Photo: Early morning walkers pass in Bal Harbour, Fla.  ( by Wilfredo Lee)


  1. Indeed, how?

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  2. Nice one!

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  3. Or run (hint, hint….) 😉💪

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  4. Every sentence she wrote is a perfect shot-size sip!

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  5. 💝

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  6. I think this saying has been turned around to say “Love the earth.” I do. But it reminds me of an oversized Charlie Brown Valentine card I got about 100 years ago, that said, “Valentine, I am very fond of the ground upon which you walk.” In those days I didn’t think about it as “save the earth. 😉

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  7. And we certainly need to think about saving the earth (and its creatures) today…


  8. great question.

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  9. Agree! I wonder how many people even think about the ground they walk on?

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