When Seramic introduced himself with “People Say” in January, the mysterious London artist told us, “I just want the music to speak for itself for now.” Sticking to his word, he hasn’t released any more photos or information about himself, opting to share new music instead. (Source: Pigeons & Planes)


  1. Perfection!

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  3. Christie says:

    Resonates with me… I think I’ve listened eight times now…So captivating, soulful, heavenly…harmonies, so lovely…simple paired down instrumentation…The lyrics makes me think of a great loss he has suffered…// and I think of a “word you use” and how this music offering impacts me…it makes me feel like “Floating” I am floating on….

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  4. Imma keep listening
    I really appreciate your good taste David.

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  5. Christie says:

    I am so drawn to this beauty..I love it so much I listen several times a day…

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