Cherry Wine

Andrew Hozier-Byrne, 26, known professionally by the mononym Hozier, is an Irish musician, singer and songwriter.  He also produced the smash singles “Take Me to Church“, in 2013 and From Eden, in 2014.

Way she shows me I’m hers and she is mine
Open hand or closed fist would be fine
The blood is rare and sweet as cherry wine

Inspired by Lori and her tart cherry juice to cure my insomnia among other ills.


  1. Loved this.

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  2. Is there record of what time of the day you were born?

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  3. Good voice, soothing guitar.

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  4. I LOVE unplugged. ❤
    Diana xo

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  5. I clicked on the video for Take Me to Church. It was awful. I mean the events in the video….

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  6. I love take me to church so much…. it is at times stuck in my head for weeks at a time…. I only stop singing it when my kids confront me passionately (violently?) and ask me to PLEASE STOP. They will be thrilled tomorrow am!

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  7. Oh, so talented!

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  8. Beautiful. We have been interstate this week at our cousin’s funeral and wake, and there was a musician there that sounded just like Hozier. Food for our soul. 🙂

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  9. A unique artist. A storyteller. And it looks like he “took his band to church” for this recording ?

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  10. i love his voice and storytelling spirit )

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  12. *Just* saw this’, DK–somehow slipped through my feed without me realizing it. What a gorgeous song! I find Hozier’s voice utterly hypnotizing…there’s an underlying ache that moves me… (And I hope the cherry juice helps! 😉)

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  13. He’s been on my Pandora station for a while now. Ahhhhh…

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