Zephyr (ZƐF ƏR)


ZEPHYR (ZƐF ƏR), noun.

Deemed one of the most beautiful words in the English language due to its euphony, rare sighting and letter composition, Zephyr is described as a gentle, mild breeze. It does not disrupt, nor cause chaos, it merely brings a pleasant sensation on a warm summer day.


Notes: Definition source: Words N Quotes. Photo: Here’s to the crazy ones (Breeze by Igor Egorov)


  1. Not only is it a beautiful word, it has a beautiful definition.

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  2. Wouldn’t that be a beautiful name for a girl? If my name were Zephyr, I think I’d believe anything were possible….

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  3. Zephyrhills is only 50 miles away. We can feel that breeze.

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  4. We must have had a Zephyr here yesterday. The breeze felt so wonderful.

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  5. Never mind the zephyr. She’s got beautiful legs!

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  6. At Lake Tahoe, one of my favorite places of all, there is a section known as Zephyr Cove, which indeed brings a pleasant sensation on a warm summer day!
    Oh, and what Lori said!! 🙂

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  7. one of my favorite sensations. i love the word for it.

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  8. the ideal breeze indeed – not too cold, not too hot, not too wild, not too soft … just right! hmmm… I’m sounding a lot like “Goldilocks” right now!!

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  9. hocuspocus13 says:

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    jinxx ❤ xoxo

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  10. How God often comes to us. Not in a raging storm, but in a gentle breeze.

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