Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspiration




  1. Ha!! yes, this has defiintely inspired me to keep moving. The winter here, brings too much food, wine and laziness. 🙂

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  2. keep floating..if bloating 🙂

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  3. Hahaha. This made me smile.

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  4. Wow, just upped my P90X sessions to three times a week!

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  5. if they can do it….)

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  6. About my speed…

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  7. I’ll seriously mess up the SOB who pointed that camera at my water aerobics class!

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  8. As long as they’re swimming away from me, all is well.

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  9. Not good to be close to these guys in the water, they’re fast and furious.

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  10. Obesity and the cure is something I know a little about. Sometimes people just need a photo to help start the process. As people begin to understand that the process entails more than just nutrition and exercise, real progress can be achieved. As people learn the meaning of the phrase “whole person” growth and development naturally occurs.

    It’s amazing what a picture can do to stimulate creative thinking.

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  11. LOL That’s mean!!!!

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  12. Love it. Ironically, this is their body type and sometimes we may feel this way.

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