I wish I had not been so reserved*


*Joseph Cornell’s final words: “I wish I had not been so reserved.”

Sources: Gif/Photograph – gifak-net. Quote Source: hyperallergic.com via invisiblestories


  1. Precious….come on little guy, you can do it! This looks like Beau at the top of the stairs every morning–wants to go down where b’fast will soon be served SO BADLY, but can’t get over his fear he’ll fall. So every morning, I carry 75lbs of chocolate love down the stairs–my pre-gym warm-up! 😄

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  2. Alex Jones says:

    Taking its first steps in big world.

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  3. perfect.

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  4. “The top 5 regrets of the Dying” by Bonnie Ware would definitely include “I wish I had not been so reserved” 🙂 A great reminder!

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  5. Bronnie Ware ..

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  6. Take that leap of faith.

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  7. Great gif and a great reminder.

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  8. This is adorable…

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  9. the story of my life (without wine)…..

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  10. So so true David!

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  11. Exquisite in its accuracy. Ouch!

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  12. Reblogged this on Makere's Blog.

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