Think Big. Stand Tall. Fear Not.


Source: Bizarbazar


  1. That’s a sight to behold!! 😯

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  2. own it.

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  3. Dumbo!!!! He’s welcome anywhere. 😉

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  4. Christie says:

    Your words describe Strength, Hope & Efficiency, “Think Big, Stand Tall and Fear Not:.
    (remind me of what I’ve learned from teachings in the Bible, too)
    For me, the image provoked a depth in sight.. sometimes I am not a casual observer, as you know 🙂 ..(I also smiled and marveled at the beauty of the elephant)
    The enormity of the gift of life…
    the image exposing such a contrast.among the setting in the concrete jungle
    two worlds, literally at an intersection on the crossroads of life
    one trying to dominate and one who’s spectacular, mere presence makes one,
    stop and notice it’s strength, size, graceful beauty & instinct
    How diverse life is on this blue dot. Reminds us of a disconnect from self and from the
    the natural world, where freedom of movement isn’t restricted
    and the animals (or more respectfully, fellow inhabitants) have an innate capacity to live, navigating in the vastness where what they are taught, passed along through the generations, what is needed for survival.
    Sadly, now in reality the areas of wild are dwindling taken over by progress Progress that unfortunately, commonly Lacks Understanding of the Importance of Other Life and the Gift of the Wild……
    Choosing, to think in a More Encompassing Way, Understanding Way, Acknowledging Differences, the Need of Peaceful Co-habitation and the Decision of Walking along in the road of Fear or Hope …
    Hope, I choose. In which, I see that strong tall letter “H” for humbleness, humanity, honesty, helping “O” has a softness for openness, Optimism, opportunity “P” for possibility, passing of love to another, peace, patience, powerful “E” engaging, encouragement, effectiveness –all actionable pursuits, that moves one forward in appreciation, wonder.& full expression of breath. ~ Carole King, beautifully speaks of future hope in her song “Way Over Yonder”
    “Where I can see shelter from hunger and cold…
    Way over yonder, that’s where I’m bound
    I know when I get there, the first thing I’ll see
    Is the sun shining golden, shining right down on me
    Then trouble’s gonna lose me, worry leave me behind
    And I’ll stand up proudly in a true peace of mind……”

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  5. Then run if you have too 😎

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