SMWI*: Right.


There is nothing on my body that is built to move like this. At least with planking, there is less elevation, and a shorter distance between face and face plant.



  1. That’s not a girl, that’s Gumby!

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  2. This doesn’t even seem real to me…tho’ I know it is.

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  3. Make Something Mondays says:

    I’m glad you said what SWMI meant because I was trying to figure it out before I opened up your post. That’s pretty impressive. And she does it with such grace and control. Beautiful.

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  4. wow! that is pretty amazing

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  5. Holy cow! That’s amazing! I can feel my hips creakin and crackin just thinking about doing anything that even resembles that (which I certainly couldn’t do even in my imagination!). Inspired…

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  6. OMG!

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  7. I can do a plank, but this …!

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  8. Amazing! but they are born that flexible, I have a daughter that is super pliable! (doesn’t take after me ha)

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  9. the only thing i can do of this is the hair )

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  10. My granddaughter can do this too. She doesn’t take after me. 🙂

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