T.G.I.F.: It’s been a long week


Source: Bunsen


  1. Alex Jones says:

    My fave character on the muppet show alongside Animal.

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  2. nehathakral says:

    so funny


  3. some weeks are just like that.


  4. Ah Beeker, indeed…


  5. That was pretty much four years of high school science for me–and ya wonder why I write…. 😉


  6. Well, I haven’t’ set anything on fire, but have blown up quite a bit this week.

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  7. Come on, it wasn’t that bad!

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  8. so many fires, so little to extinguish them with

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  9. Hilarious! Have a great weekend, David. 🙂

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  10. T.G.I.F. David!!!! Cher xo

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  11. What are you cooking up now, David?

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  12. Ha Ha David! So appropriate for me this week. Most of the fires are out, for now anyway…

    Happy Friday!

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  13. I think my eyebrows got a little fried…I can think of nothing to comment with..other than I keep watching it. Oh, and that I wonder if he’s making creme brulee? See, fried. 🙂

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