I should feel the air move against me


I should feel the air move against me,
and feel the things I touched,
instead of having only to look at them.
I’m sure life is all wrong
because it has become too visual –
we can neither hear nor feel nor understand,
we can only see.
I’m sure that is entirely wrong.

— D. H. Lawrence, Women in Love

Credits: Portrait – Neil Donovan via eikadan. Quote/Poem – Whiskey River


  1. In the Stillness of Willow Hill says:

    Oh, I do agree. Sometimes I even practice “just feeling”. I instinctively know that this is a place of peace. This quote will be with me throughout the day, my friend.

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  2. How to respond with anything more than an enthusiastic nod – and a sigh because Lawrence writes so beautifully?

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  3. Beautiful … I am reading a book, where one of the narrators is a young blind girl … amazing experience (for me, of course :)) … what a world a simple touch, without sight can create.

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  4. life is all about feeling.

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  5. I see that cavity at the base of her neck and the word ‘gulp’ comes to mind…like when we feel something so deep but have no words…the image of this woman is perfect for these words.

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