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Print is predictable and impersonal,
conveying information
in a mechanical transaction with the reader’s eye.
Handwriting, by contrast, resists the eye,
reveals its meaning slowly,
and is as intimate as skin.”

—  Ruth Ozeki, A Tale for the Time Being

Now if only I possessed legible handwriting…

Credits: Image Source: THISISEVERYTHING. Quote Source: WordsNQuotes



  1. …which is why I HATE that schools are taking cursive out of their curriculum, including it only in history modules.


  2. i love handwriting, it is so very personal to each individual. in which the scribe reveals themselves with each stroke, each letter and every connection a tiny piece of art. even the ones that are scribbly and a bit more challenging to read ) we still teach it in the 3rd grade at my school and i am happy they’ve not wavered from this, and my own writing is a bit of a hybrid of manuscript print and cursive.


  3. I love the personal flavor of a handwritten note. I have such strong associations with people’s handwriting. Pulling out one of my grandmother’s recipes and seeing that familiar writing, for instance, never fails to bring back a rush of memories….


  4. Yes, count me in! I love handwriting and recently have decided to go back to using cursive. I love the idea that slowness of reading comes with cursive hand writing.

    With all the typing and online writing available, I miss good old-fashioned letter writing.


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