Running. Everytime.

October, photography,

6:15 am.
I peek at the weather app before I step outside.
“34° F.   Feels like 26° F.  Partly Cloudy.”
Winter closing in.
I yank my Tuque over my ears.
I glance at the mirror.
The Black Avenger: Back for an encore.
Black Tuque. Black jacket. Black pants.
And Red Shoes.
I cue up my David Gray playlist.
Open the door.
And head to the street.

How often does it happen?
Just the right song cycles up.
65 David Gray songs resting.
Waiting for their turn.
And it pops up.

A bubbling geyser.
It starts slowly.
Starting from way down deep.
And surging upward.
No chemical inducements.
Miracle drug.

↓ click for audio (David Gray:  “Everytime”)

Down from the doorway
And into the street
I hear the morning bell
Over and over the pattern repeat
I hear the morning bell
And all the faces cold as stone
In the January chill

~ David Gray, Everytime

My achy right knee has settled. Quiet.
I crunch through the leaves.
Three seagulls sit on a bench.
Shore line grass rustling in the breeze.
Legs pumping.
We’re on a magic carpet ride.

I dial up the volume. Way up.
Set the tune to replay.
It’s just David Gray and me now.

I’m 7 feet tall now.
Nothing seems to matter.

Freeze that.
Freeze that moment.
Freeze that feeling.
Freeze that clock.

Time Check: 7.01 miles. 64.34 minutes.

Nap time. Everytime.

“Some things don’t last forever, but some things do. Like a good song, or a good book, or a good memory you can take out and unfold in your darkest times, pressing down the corners and peering in close, hoping you still recognize the person you see there.”

— Sarah Dessen, from This Lullaby 

Notes: For more posts in the Running Series. Image Credit: Seasonal Love.  Dessen Quote: poetreflects


  1. I’d find it hard to get out there after that weather check. Good for you!!


  2. Good memory, good song… for running.


  3. Lol!!
    “The Black Avenger: Back for an encore.
    Black Tuque. Black jacket. Black pants.
    And Red Shoes.
    What a pair…The Gangster & David Gray.


  4. Helluva visual. Thanks. Makes me want to give it a try.


  5. Well done!


  6. everything in the universe is perfectly timed. sometimes we feel it and we are always taken by surprise)


  7. Great effort, David. The right music can really lighten the load and brighten the mood. 🙂


  8. Great song, great post


  9. Everything about this post speaks so perfectly to my soul right now. Ah! the picture! Is it yours? Fantastic! I may just have to download this music.


  10. Hope this 7′ tall gangsta power memory is one you can draw upon whenever you want for however long you want. Word.


  11. Yes and Yes. I love that feeling on the recumbent bike when the perfect song comes up on my iPod. I can *push* on that thing, sweat pouring, my superpowers in full swing. Or walking around the lake and the song makes me lock love-looks with the dogs passing me. David Gray will have to join the others on my Kanigan Want List.


  12. Oh, and I’m nabbing that great photo for my Pinterest board, “The Tenth Month.” Come look.


  13. This is an awesome post, David! I don’t run with an iPod, though if I did, I’d play that song on an endless loop. Every time.


  14. Great Post!


  15. I love this post, and the David Gray quote too. This is just great. 🙂 Nice work.


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