Lead Me Home

During his last school break, my Eric hooked me on the AMC Series The Walking Dead. (A wonderful, uplifting and nurturing series on humanity. Sarcasm dripping.)  This song, “Lead Me Home” by Jamie N. Commons, premiered on the show.  Commons, 23, is a singer-songwriter who was born in Bristol, England.  He relocated with his family to Chicago at the age of six where he was immersed in Chicago Blues.  He returned back to the UK at 16.  Raspy like Tom Waits – gothic like Nick Cave…amazing young talent.  His new album, Rumble & Sway, was released last month.

Jamie N Commons – Lead Me Home from Jordan Bahat on Vimeo.


  1. Love that husky, bluesy voice.


  2. Fabulous voice! And may I say that I watched Jon Bernthal grow up? Yes, I really did.


  3. I love it when our kids turn us on to the “cool” stuff…mine do it all the time. They keep us young, David. My oldest son actually just mentioned to me recently the series The Walking Dead…and I’ll remember your “dripping sarcasm” if I ever watch it. I’m actually not a big zombie fan, except for the movie Warm Bodies, which I loved. Thanks for sharing this song! 🙂


  4. *Very* nice!! I am completely captivated by that husky sound. If you like this guy, then you must check out Everlast–‘Saving Grace’ is awesome. And Marc Broussard–his song “Let Me Leave” is a beauty.


  5. Hauntingly beautiful….great sound


  6. Tom Hood says:

    Marcie and I love the show, and can’t get enough of it. A little on the gristly side, but very well written with excellent character development.


  7. Wow. The voice is so much older than that boy.


  8. Makere Stewart-Harawira says:

    Oh my, I so agree re this stunning voice,and to think I’ve been ignoring all the references to The Walking Dead instead of being curious enough to check them out.. Am going to look up those recommendations also.. Thanks David and all:)


  9. Makere Stewart-Harawira says:

    Reblogged this on Makere's Blog and commented:
    Wonderful voice, huge talent. Looking forward to hearing more. Thanks for sharing, DK


  10. Love voices like that. Just something about it.


  11. Wonderful, my kind of music. Thanks David


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