Sliding into nap time with Ray LaMontagne…

Ray Lamontagne sings “Shelter” and then segues into “Hold You In My Arms” in this (yes, amazing) BBC clip.  And speaking of segues, this will take me straight away to a long, lazy Saturday afternoon nap.

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  1. I like it!


  2. Just arose from a lazy, Saturday afternoon nap. Ray is lovely to awaken to as well, and he’s a pretty darn good harbinger of Happy Hour! 😉


  3. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Oh Dave, I like it! Didn’t expect to – I haven’t heard of him (is that bad? am I completely out of the loop?) You’re expanding my world in unexpected ways 🙂


    • Two stunners. 1) You haven’t heard of Ray LaMontange. 2) You didn’t expect to (like him)? (Too low brow for the cultured Piano teachers?) 🙂 Stick around LaDona…more to come on this ride.


  4. Wonderful music to take a luxurious nap to, stretching like a cat to get the full enjoyment and then snuggling down into a soft pillow and blanket as the sky darkens outside with rain traveling in from the horizon.


  5. When is ray coming to New Jersey or Philadelphia . I went to the site can’t find out where he is playing. I love his songs it’s like I found something good and now he is gone


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