Sunny Sunday Sketches…

Our volunteer day last week has my head still in the garden.  I have been following Ellen Ward’s posts @ Rough Sketch. Ellen kindly allowed me to share a few of her sketches.   I would encourage you to visit her Rough Sketch portfolio at this link.  What an incredible talent she has…and she listens to Ray Lamontagne when she sketches – – we have common inspiration in music (now if I could only sketch!)

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  1. If she draws inspiration from Ray LaMontagne, she’s got to be awesome—LOVE HIM! Thx for sharing another treasure, David! Happy Sunday!


  2. Alex Jones says:

    That is good natural art.


  3. When I listen to Ray, I don’t sketch like that…….hummmmmmm.


  4. Ellen Ward is so talented! I love those “sketches. India ink and watercolour is one of my favourite styles.


  5. Beautiful sketches, I love the sprouting seeds bending towards the light.


  6. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    What a talent – love her website. It’s comforting.
    I’m with you on the stick-man thing!


  7. Beautiful!! What a terrific surprise to see as I catch up on what I missed this weekend!


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