Hump Day: 4:12 am and inspired…

Kickin’ off Hump Day with Fleetwood Mac and “The Chain” and several of my favorite posts of the week…


Kurt Harden @ Cultural Offering with his post “In Praise of Life.”

Here is the thing about life:  From the moment you are ejected out of your mother’s womb, it is coming for you.  Life is unrelenting.  It is experiential.  Smells, sounds, sights and senses constantly bombarding you.  A fire hose dousing you every single moment of every single day.  At some point we get to decide: Are we going to manage life or are we going to be managed by it. Is this the most basic decision we make? …If I think to the most important decision I have ever made it has been this one: Swim versus tread water. One decision demands thought and action, another buoyancy.

Sarah Potter @ sarahpotterwrites:

“Plenty of things are conspiring to stop me, but I refuse to submit.”

Erin McNaughton @ Analyfe with her post “When You Don’t Know What to Do Next, Buy New Socks.”  Erin is 23 years old and a student at the University of Arizona.  One word: wow!  What promise this young lady has…

I have the tendency to over-think, over-analyze, and get caught up in irrelevant details. When hopeful and engaged, this leads to innovative new ideas and a boost in self-confidence. However, when I feel uncertain or defeated, everything feels wrong and often I let my fear of failure get the best of me. When we become overwhelmed, lose faith in ourselves, or simply don’t know what to do next, I think the key is to take baby steps, to check small tasks off your to-do list, to go buy yourself some practical new socks and set off on your next big adventure. Often one small victory can lead to a succession of others.

And a photo op share from Anake Goodall (again) titled Hangdogs Together“:


Have a great hump day…

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  1. what a wonderful inspiring offering David, thank you.


  2. David: One of my favourite groups. Takes me way, way back! Thanks


  3. Thanks for this post, David–I am struggling to break free of some old, unhealthy patterns at the moment, and this post really resonated, especially Erin’s thoughts. I find her comment that “Often one small victory can lead to a succession of others,” especially heartening. Just the tonic my soul needed this morning…..


  4. Love Anake’s photo!


  5. Wonderful way to start the day, plus one of my very favorite Fleetwood Mac songs. Thanks, David.


  6. I’m glad you were inspired by my comment. Thanks for the mention 🙂
    I totally love Anake’s photo.


  7. lkanigan says:

    Great post on “In Praise of Life”. Another great view on life! Loved the picture of dog & girl…warmed the heart.


  8. Lovin’ the Fleetwood Mac! 🙂


  9. I’m swimming David!


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