Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspiration: One Minute For “Unstoppable”

Max Voykin, my cousin, shared this inspiring video produced by the Canadian Paralympic Committee as a tribute to Rick Hansen.  “At the age of 15, Rick Hansen was involved in an accident that paralyzed him from the waist down. Coming to terms with his new life, he found inspiration from teachers, coaches and family, and set new goals from new dreams. Rick went on to become one of Canada’s most decorated Paralympic athletes.   In March 1985, Rick set off from Vancouver to wheel 40,000 kilometers through 34 countries on the Man In Motion World Tour to prove the potential of people with disabilities. His 26-month journey inspired an entire nation to believe anything is possible and moved thousands to make a difference.  This tour raised 26 million dollars for Spinal Cord Injuries.”  More info can be found at

Thank you Max for sharing…this video gets your heart pumping.


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  1. Well, that certainly puts the kabash on any Saturday morning “internal grumbling” that I might do about feeling tired, achy or a bit sluggish! Get up and get goin’, that’s what I’m thinkin’! Thx for the burst of inspiration, David!


  2. My sentiments exactly Lori…:)


  3. My trainer is a 27 year old guy who lost his leg a year ago – he was on his motorcycle and was hit by a drunk driver. He’s an amazing young man, who is back to competing in triathalons, marathons, etc. And with each event, his confidence grows – it’s wonderful to watch his journey. We got paired because of some of my physical limitations and I have to say, he is what gets me to the gym (except on Saturdays – then it’s you David). This video is amazing – and humbly hushes and complaints any of us could have.


    • Incredible story. Thanks for sharing Mimi. You are so lucky to have this daily inspiration pulling you along. When I read your comment of this young man, it makes me wonder how I would respond to a similar unfortunate turn in his life…inspiring.


  4. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    The sun is shining – birds are singing – on my way out for a run – amazing how much better life looks on a sunny Saturday morning!


  5. Thank you, very inspiring! And I agree, no grumbling just get going….


  6. lkanigan says:

    Reminds me of good friend who lost both legs when transporting prisoners on bus and eighteen wheeler crossed lanes hitting him head on. Was in wheelchair for years and because of new technology walks again. Another reason for his success is that he has always been the most positive person I know when he had the choice to be be bitter.


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