On Saturday Afternoon…

Two and half minutes of pure magic by Rickie Lee Jones.  Rick shared this song and the lyrics in a post on his blog called Let’s Get Political.  (Rick’s blog is so much more than politics…if you get a chance, check it out.) 

Volume up.  Here’s "Rickie in “On Saturday Afternoons in 1963.”


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  1. I agree. Perfect for a Saturday afternoon. Enjoyed it several times….


  2. Thanks for the repost and the recommendation! Best to you!


  3. Awesome – certainly more well known, but when ‘Chuckie’s In Love’ came out, I used to turn the volume up so high, I felt like I was hearing her in the ether…love, love Rickie Lee Jones (and a million others, so beware my enthusiasm when you post about music – it’s the ex-future Broadway star in me) 😉


  4. Ex-future Broadway star. Good for you to shoot the moon Mimi!


  5. Boy, do I ever remember those Saturday afternoons in 1963 when I kept telling myself I was the only girl in my class without a date that night! (NOT!)


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