Wednesday is Hump Day



  1. That is one vital thing to all bloggers. Good day Nonoy Manga


  2. It seems right that attribution for this quote would be Noel Coward – a playwright with true staying power. The point is a good one – and I would add, requires pacing. Presuming that one’s professional or personal interests are driven by passion and/or enthusiasm, there still exists the context of these efforts being more in keeping with a marathon, not a sprint. It isn’t the person who breaks out of the gate with the greatest alacrity, results and splash – rather the individual (like you), who pauses and paces, provides insight and humor, and adjusts their personal metronome so that the rhythm can sustain.


  3. Oh ya, we got it!


  4. Mariam Almulla says:

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    This is really true !


  5. lkanigan says:

    So true…”Quiters never win & Winners never quit!!”


  6. Crossing over the finish line is what really matters, in other words. Possessing talent is not at all the same as working that talent and wrestling it to the mat each day!


  7. THis is wonderful! I love it!


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