I am a hoarder.

Yep. That’s me.  A digital hoarder.  Good article in this week’s Wall Street Journal called Drowning In Email, Photos, Files?  Hoarding Goes Digital.  Here’s 2 excerpts on what defines a hoarder and what to do about it:

“There are no official criteria for ‘digital hoarding’ but there are some tell-tale signs:

  • You’ve exceeded your 7 gigabytes of free space in Gmail and have to buy more.
  • Deleting anything makes you anxious—even things you can’t remember why you saved.
  • You spend more time searching for a file than it would take to download it again.
  • You have dozens of icons on your desktop and don’t know what they’re for.
  • You can’t remember all your email or social-media accounts or how to access them.
  • You have flash drives scattered in drawers, pockets and purses and no idea what’s on them.
  • Of your thousands of digital photos, the vast majority are duds.
  • You have entire seasons of bad TV shows you have no intention of watching.

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Week in Review: Down but not out…

Top of mind this week was all Eric and his pending college application decisions…applications to high quality schools where I’d be lucky to simply walk the hallowed halls and roll around on their manicured lawns.

My stubborn young man was determined to complete and submit his applications without any “management” oversight.  (He did not, however, balk at help with the application fees.)

He also did not want to call on an influential family friend for an Ivy league school reference for one of his applications.  He wasn’t confident that he would attend this school if he was accepted to his #1 choice and he didn’t want to embarrass the alum.

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Takes only only 1 minute to find inspiration for your work-out…

Be sure to stick with this video to the end

Thank you interpretingillusions for sharing…

Everything in its right place…

Ballet dancers in super slow motion.  Mesmerizing.  Marina Kanno and Giacomo Bevilaqua from Staatsballett Berlin.  Music by RadioHead – “Everything In Its Right Place

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“Le vent” Source: Swiss-miss.com via kottke













Oh, what terrible choices…

I’m up 7 and gaining momentum.  And LOSING.

Two weeks ago I banged the LIKE button on Kristin Barton Cuthriell’s excellent post: Every Behavior and Every Thought Has A Consequence.  And while reading, I was simultaneously muttering under my breath knowing she’s right.  Her post lingers… (like an unseemly cracked cold sore).

Off goes the funny Hump Day Exercise Post this morning (aka “you are a loaf”).  Two important insights: 

  1. Posts on this blog don’t land here without some reason.
  2. Nothing funny about the background for the Hump Day post. I’m up 5 pounds in March alone.  By Monday, after a weekend of horrible choices, I’m up 7 pounds.  And I’m wee bit anxious about stepping on the scale tonight to get an update on my backward progress.

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What if a demon were to…

Image Credit: jbensch


Personal Behavior Pattern Observed: 

Major deliverable assigned.  Have several weeks advance notice.  Weeks click down.  Put off preparation. Then half-heartedly start framing work. Set it aside.  Get distracted.  Deliverable constantly looming, hanging, distracting, irritating and making me irritable.  Sleepless nights.  Clock ticking down.  Tell myself I’ll get to it during the weekend. (Right)  Weekend comes and goes.  Monday arrives.  1.5 days to go.  Scrambling now. Can feel heart pumping.  Grinding teeth. Anxiety screaming.  Finish.  Deliver request.  Passed without giving blood…yet internal organs are still rattling.  

Post Game Review: C+ (Gracious self assessment.) 

Behavior of Colleague Observed:

Preparation commences weeks in advance.  Back to back meetings scheduled.  Full team engaged.  Countless hours of preparation.  Brainstorming.  Discussions. Planning.  Drafts.  Work.  Re-work.  Ideas and issues are socialized with key constituents and decision makers attending meeting.  Project rehearsed.  Project presentation flawless.  No surprises.  Senior management feedback: Rally Hats On!  “Wow.”

Post Game Review: A+ (Priceless)

Wednesday: Hump Day Exercise…

The trouble is…

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