Don’t wait for a salary increase…

Thank you Nicholas Bate


  1. I’m sorry to say it, but this just isn’t real life in our times. I have always followed these principles, but it didn’t stop management from laying me off about twenty years ago when their main goal was saving money – the heck with productivity, and they had persuaded themselves that nobody but upper management has any useful skills. (Yes, I found another job; it’s always good to have friends who have friends who have a say on hiring. Also, the new job paid less.) And that was long before today’s messed up economy where there really aren’t enough jobs to go around.


  2. You are right about not waiting for a salary increase, because it is not coming. We live in a different world now and giving your all to any company is not enough anymore. It’s the bottom line now. Profit, profit, profit and cheap labor.

    God has a better plan and He will provide for all our needs.



  3. thurlocker says:

    Thank you for that refreshing excerpt! I very much agree. 🙂


  4. This was fantastic, Dave. Thanks for sharing. Carpe diem!



  1. […] David Kanigan for this original post. Great advice for this Monday morning. – […]


  2. […] David Kanigan for this original post. Great advice for this Monday morning. – […]

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