Sunday Morning: Riding The Red Arrow

This music was composed by Arvo Pärt, an Estonian classical composer.  The pianists are Marjan Peternel and Primoz Urbanc.  The original piece was composed by Reinhold Gliere, a Russian composer born in Kiev (1875-1956).  The song “The Hymn to the Great City” was adopted as the hymn of Saint Petersburg in 1965 and has been playing when the Red Arrow sleeper train leaves Leningrad Station in Moscow to the Moscow Station in Saint Petersburg.  Shame that I didn’t get a chance to ride this train and hear this music during my visit to Moscow in the 70’s, although I’m confident I would not have appreciated it then.  Beautiful composition and master pianists…just what the doctor ordered on this Sunday morning…

Source: Thank you Madam Scherzo


  1. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Yes. One of the great 20th century composers. His music will last.



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