4:00 AM. I don’t understand this.


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It’s been a long day


Then the heart glows.
It’s all I need.
I say,
“I don’t know why I, of all people,
did not know that the small gesture is huge.”
There is not so much I have to do.
Access to the core of being
is in the smallest gesture –
the sitting down,
the breath.

~ John J. Pendergast, In Touch: How to Tune in to the Inner Guidance of Your Body and Trust Yourself

Sources: Photo: M. Klasan (via Sweet Senderipity). Quote: Thank you Make Believe Boutique




Saturday Morning: Heal

You will burn
and you will burn out;
you will be healed
and come back again.

~ Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

Quote: Mme Scherzo. Image: Trevillion Images (@ Katerina Lomonosov) via Distantpassion

It’s been a long day


Each day
brings more than
it takes away.
I look hard at
what I’m left with.

Carole Glasser Langille, from “Visiting,” In Cannon Cave


Sources: Photo: Sweet Senderipity. Quote: I Hear It in The Deep Heart’s Core


It’s been a long day


she was too tired to feel anything more,
she wanted a book to do to her what books did:
take away the world,
slide it aside for a little bit,
and let her please, please
just be somewhere and somebody else.

~ Lev GrossmanThe Magician’s Land

Sources: Photo: Jessica Krzywicki – the magic of reading. Quote: Precious Things

It’s been a long day


Each evening
comes from a new place.
Maybe this is the other life
we were meant to live.
It leans against you as the wind.

~ Richard Jackson, from “Fear,” in Resonance: Poems

Sources: photo – life is beautiful. Poem: to escape from the commonplace of existences

Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

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T.G.I.F.: It’s been a long week


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Riding Metro North. In Delirium.


Missed the 8:36 pm train.
Within Seconds.
9:06 it is.
Doesn’t matter. Just doesn’t matter.
Lit up with a smooth VO Manhattan.
Misted with a fruity Merlo.
Work and worry numbed. Novocaine.
Feeling Easy Like Sunday Morning. On Tuesday.
Hour 17 and on a Midnight Run.

Delirium? Likely.
Darkness? Doubt?  Can’t touch me.

Robin Williams stops by for a chat.
Friend there’s time.
Enjoy Happy Land.
Wallow in the feathery bliss.
A mere 6 hours from re-start
and it’s
Good Morning,Vietnam!


It’s Been A Long Day


So far, so good.
The brilliant days and nights
are breathless in their hurry.
We follow, you and I.

– Lisel Mueller, Curriculum Vitae 1992