Mikaela Shiffrin: Wunderkind


Mikaela Shiffrin, the 18-year-old wunderkind of ski racing.
She became the youngest slalom world champion a year ago.
Shiffrin sped past the finish line to become the youngest Olympic slalom champion.
She is the first American to win the event in 42 years.

“You can create your own miracle,” Shiffrin said when the gold medal was on a sash draped around her neck. “But you do it by never looking past all the little steps along the way.”

Don’t miss the full inspirational story @ NY Times – American Mikaela Shiffrin Wins Gold In Slalom

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SMWI*: Jump Rope Beast

jump rope-skipping-gif


Norway owns Gold. How?


Excerpts from wsj.com: How Norway Scores So Much Olympic Gold?

…Norway itself is a Winter Olympics marvel: With only five million people, it has won 303 Winter Olympic medals, far more than any other country on the planet. To find a country smaller than world-leading Norway on the all-time Winter Olympics medal table, you have to travel down to Croatia, which ranks 24th with 11 medals.  And this month, Norway is fielding one of its strongest teams in almost two generations, with some experts considering it the favorite to win both the highest gold and total medal count, a feat that it last achieved in 1968.

Other countries long ago took to shrugging off Norway’s Winter Olympics medal haul as the unsurprising inheritance of a people whose young are born with skis on their feet, as an old Nordic adage goes. But skiing is also fundamental to the culture of other Scandinavian countries, including Sweden, which has about twice the population but, with 132 total, not even half the medals.

Instead, many experts think the answer lies in the culture and lifestyle of the country, where an extraordinary egalitarianism runs through youth sports. Before age 6, Norwegian kids can only train but not formally compete in sports, and before age 11, all children participating in a competition must be awarded the same prize.

Still, most experts say the biggest reason behind Norway’s success is the culture that propelled it atop the medal table from the outset. Norway’s cities are relatively close to the wilderness, and children are encouraged to play outdoors even on the coldest days.

In those disciplines, attaining world-class status typically takes years of training. This is one reason that the Meråker school accepts students whose passion for sport may outshine their performances. In the long run, desire and perseverance will play the greatest roles in shaping future Olympians. The school’s coaches say the main lesson they teach is the importance of training relentlessly for years beyond high school.

In addition to physical work on the farm in the afternoons, weekends and holidays, he was regularly charged with what his father refers to as “incredibly boring stuff,” like picking stones from a field, just to improve his psyche. Every time he hurt himself, his father would tease him until he stopped crying. Eventually, he came to believe pain is cool. “My father taught me at an early age to tackle pain—I think that’s my strength. I can go for hours in pain without giving up,” he said. His childhood mentor, a star skier turned coach named John Thomas Rena, agrees. “I think a big part of Jenssen’s talent comes from the way he grew up,” he said.

Image Credit: Best and Worst Dressed Olympic Nations in Sochi

Chatter Creek, B.C.

Flying snowmobile called “parasledding.”
Whatever happened to tobogganing?
Or sledding?
Or even snowmobiling on snow?
Yet, even for Man with Acrophobia, this is cool.
Chatter Creek, B.C. Canada is a 5 hour drive NW of my hometown.
What amazing country. (I have no bias of course)
And what incredible camera work.

SMWI*: Speed Dreams

Floating on puffs of air down the French mountainside.
Transfixed by the cinematography.
Producer titles his work: Speed Dreams. Just beautiful things. Yes. Yes, it is.
However, this exercise is not for the faint of (my) heart.

Ski Gliding is the air sport of flying a small, fast fabric wing, usually in close proximity to a steep slope, on skis.  The sport has grown rapidly since its inception in the 1970’s, particularly in France and Switzerland, with an estimated 3,000 to 5,000 speed wing pilots all over the world. Because of the fast flight speed (20-90 mph), and close proximity to the slope and obstacles, injury and death are considerable risks in this sport. Over 25 pilots have already suffered fatal injuries worldwide since 2006. Also, because of its small size and high wing loading, the wing responds quickly to little pilot input which makes professional instruction very important. (Source: Wiki)

SMWI* = Saturday Morning Workout Inspiration

Uneasiness. Inquietude. There is work to be done.

George Sheehan

“Jogging or whatever our sport is, then, is the way we move from actuality toward our potential, toward becoming all we can be. At the same time it will fill us with uneasiness, with what Gabriel Marcel called inquietude, the recognition that there is work to be done to fulfill our lives. And it allows us to see, as Theodore Roszak suggested, that our most solemn, and pressing, and primary problem is not “original sin” but “original splendor,” knowledge of our potential godlikeness. “We grow sick,” Roszak wrote, “with the guilt of having lived below our authentic level.”

~ George Sheehan, Running & Being

My friend Elise suggested I read Sheehan’s Book Running & Being.  I was hooked from the first chapter and I’m sipping a few pages a day.  More on George Sheehan below: [Read more…]

Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspiration: Movies…

Here’s a three-minute montage of famous movie scenes to inspire you for your Saturday Morning work-out.  From Jacki Chan, to Rocky, to Mulan, The Incredibles, Ratatouille and more. (What?  No Karate Kid?)

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Saturday Morning Workout Inspiration: Virgin Islands

Now this has considerable appeal this morning as temperatures dip well below freezing.  I’m inspired.

Action Sports St. John from Steve Simonsen on Vimeo.

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Synchronicity 2…

zen, peace, calm, meditation, solitudepeace, zen, calm, solitude, synchronicity

Sources: Polar Bears Rock & Suay Dreams

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yoga, black and white, zen, peace, meditation, workout, exercise, gym

Source: Simon Gauduchon Photography

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Saturday Morning Workout Inspiration

Source: Marcdesa

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Workout Inspiration: Gotta start by moving your feet…

Source: Head Like An Orange

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Saturday Morning Workout Inspiration

Source: marcdesa via naniithran

Nacho Libre: Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspiration (Sort of)

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Energy and Fluidity

“I hand drew every frame of this using Microns and composited them onto brown paper.” (HE HAND DREW “EVERY” FRAME…)

“The goal was to capture the energy and fluidity that goes into the sport of basketball.”  (And boy, did he accomplish this beautifully…)

This time slot on on Saturdays is customarily reserved for running shoe company ads, bangin’ music and related clips for work-out inspiration.  Not this time.  In a minute and a half, Eric Funk inspires us to move with his art.

MicMac Lane from Eric Funk on Vimeo.

Picture is worth…

Source: Runforfitness via marcdesa

Work-Out Inspiration: Muscle Music

Be sure to stick with this until the end…when you need to press your keyboard keys to play muscle music.

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Work-Out Inspiration: The Relay

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Work-Out Inspiration: Run with Usain Bolt & Tyson Gay

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The Beauty of the Irrational

Whether you run or not, this video is awe inspiring. It features South African Ultra-Runner Ryan Sandes running the 5-day, 84k Fish River Canyon Hiking Trail in Namibia, Africa.  You will find “epic scenery” coupled with inspiring narration by Sandes.  It certainly prodded me out the door on my mountain run this morning.  Thank you Doobybrain.com via explore-blog for the share.

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Ball. (Many of them and fast…)

Ball from Everynone on Vimeo.

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Work-Out Inspiration: Greatest is not a gift reserved for a chosen view. You can forget that.

1 minute of inspiration.  “This is Nathan. He is 12 years old. He’s from London, Ohio. Greatness is not beyond his reach, nor is it for any of us.

Source: Thank you Psysociety for the share.

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Guest Post: Squirm. Splash. Sink.

After reading Friday’s post (The King loses (again)…), Eric (18, son) was inspired to share a family vacation story.  The fact that he read my post was a head-scratcher…so best to nurture this sudden interest in both reading and writing.  I should disclose upfront, that I fail to see any humor in this story – and I say “story” as I don’t recall this version of the events.  Here it is…unedited and unplugged.  (And yes, the photo is an actual photo of me during the scuba lesson.)


By Eric Kanigan

Anyone who knows my Dad personally can attest to the enjoyment he gets out of poking fun at others, to phrase it nicely (in reality it’s usually a firm jab rather than a poke). For those that do not know him, just imagine a person who loves to relive the details of your painfully embarrassing moments months, sometimes years after they occur. Throw in a mustache to your mental image and presto! You have David Kanigan!

It only seems fitting to return the favor, so it’s time for a trip down memory lane.

[Read more…]

Work-Out Inspiration: Ode to the Young…

Source: Thank you Eric for sharing this clip with your Dad.

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Think I’ll go for a ride…

I’m jumping the gun on my Saturday morning work-out inspiration clip – but this morning feels like a bike ride.  This music video was instant inspiration for me and brought back childhood memories.  Thank you Rob Firchau for sharing.  Enjoy…

Think I’ll go for a ride…take the bike out of the shed…make a fresh start…when the head spins…there is no joy…put me on the saddle…and I’m a little boy…a little boy on a mission…we’re like Fred and Ginger…when the’re doing their dance…to the sound of rubber…out on the old bog road…I’m as free as a bird…It helps me remember…How good it used to be…feeling like a king…the bike, the road, and me…You hope the skies don’t open…when home is many miles…you think your’e just cruising…life is flowing along…a fall or a puncture…anything can go wrong…you’re vulnerable…at the mercy of the wind…with every hill you climb…you begin and begin and begin…with the freedom of the road…summer evenings on the road…the cool breeze in my hair…poetry in motion…on two wheels in Kildare…”

Source: Thank you The Hammock Papers.

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Work-Out Inspiration: Sail…

I would like to do this one time.  Bucket list addition. Blood is pumping here…

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Work-Out Inspiration: MOVE.

Loved this.  One minute clip.  3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries. Will get you to M-O-V-E (or at least think about it)! 

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Work-Out Inspiration: Run…

One minute of “Peppy” inspiration…

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Work-Out Inspiration: Thigh bone connected to the…

30 seconds of work-out inspiration…

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Work-Out Inspiration: The Four Hour Body.

45 seconds…this clip will get your heart pumping…VOLUME UP for this one…

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Work-Out Inspiration: For Those Who Suffer, We Ride…

83 seconds.  And inspired…

FOR THOSE WHO SUFFER WE RIDE from Chris Cairns on Vimeo.

The Fireflies are committed to raising money for Leuka, a charity formed to support Research & Treatment of Leukaemia at Hammersmith Hospital, London, renowned as a world leader in treatment of Cancers of the Blood. 1 in 3 of us will be diagnosed with some type of Cancer in our lifetime. It is believed that Leukaemia is the model of all Cancers and a greater understanding of this disease will help in the fight against all other forms of Cancer. Inspired by the courage it takes to fight Cancer, the Fireflies annually tackle the most gruelling climbs of the Tour de France. Please donate here: uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/2012th_FIREFLIES_TEAM_LLL If you are interested in sponsoring or riding please email info@thefirefliestour.com.

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Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspiration: Workin’ your body weight…

If Mr. Al Kavadlo can do this…I certainly can roll out of bed and go for a run…

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Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspiration: 32 Seconds with Robert De Niro

June 29th
I’ve gotta get in shape
Too much sitting is ruining my body
Too much abuse has gone on for too long
From now on it will be 50 push-ups each morning…50 pull-ups
There will be no more pills
There will be no more bad food
There will be no more destroyers of my body
From now on, it will be total organization
Every muscle must be tight

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I don’t want to see him lying on that street…

“Over the past 33 years, Dick Hoyt has pushed, pulled and carried his disabled son, Rick, through more than 1,000 road races and triathlons, including 28 Boston Marathons. But as time bears down on them, how much longer can they keep it up?”

I told him, that’s it, Dick, enough. You’ve done enough. Cripes, time to pack it in!  That’s one of his buddies, Pat Forrest.

His body’s breaking down. The last couple of Boston Marathons, I didn’t think he would finish. He can’t go through every barrier. He’s walking the fine line between gutsy and foolish. That’s the director of the Boston Marathon, Dave McGillivray.

I don’t think either of them will make the choice in the end. An outside force will make it. That’s the Hoyts’ masseuse, Roseanne Longo.

Half the family thinks he’s crazy. Dick’s sister Arlene.

I don’t go to races anymore. I don’t want to be there the day it all ends. I don’t want to see him lying on that street. Another sister, Barbara.”

Watch the short video clip below.  Better yet, skip the video and read the entire Sports Illustrated article The Wheels of Life.  It’s long but very worthy. If this doesn’t get you going this morning, I’m not sure what will.

Story Credit: Thank you Ed O for sharing.

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Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspiration

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Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspiration: From 50 pounds overweight to…

  • From 50 pounds overweight
  • 43 years old
  • 80 hour work weeks
  • To…

Source:  Thank you FourHourWorkWeek.com

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Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspiration: One Minute For All-Black’s…

If this doesn’t get your blood pumping…call 911.

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Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspiration: One Minute For “Unstoppable”

Max Voykin, my cousin, shared this inspiring video produced by the Canadian Paralympic Committee as a tribute to Rick Hansen.  “At the age of 15, Rick Hansen was involved in an accident that paralyzed him from the waist down. Coming to terms with his new life, he found inspiration from teachers, coaches and family, and set new goals from new dreams. Rick went on to become one of Canada’s most decorated Paralympic athletes.   In March 1985, Rick set off from Vancouver to wheel 40,000 kilometers through 34 countries on the Man In Motion World Tour to prove the potential of people with disabilities. His 26-month journey inspired an entire nation to believe anything is possible and moved thousands to make a difference.  This tour raised 26 million dollars for Spinal Cord Injuries.”  More info can be found at www.rickhansen.com.

Thank you Max for sharing…this video gets your heart pumping.


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Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspiration: What is Strong?


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  2. Saturday Morning Workout Inspiration: Yes, I did
  3. Should I work out today?
  4. It Takes Only 1 Minute to Find Inspiration for Your Saturday Morning Work-Out
  5. Saturday Morning Wake-Up Work Out Call With AC-DC
  6. Hump Day Exercise
  7. 27 Rules of Conquering the Gym
  8. There’s still time today to burn
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