5:00 P.M. Bell


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Today’s Forecast: Snow Day!


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5:00 PM Bell


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T.G.I.F.: It’s been a long week


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Goodbye August. Hello September.


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Morning Meditation with a Friend

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SMWI* 2: Take your best friend and go


SMWI* = Saturday Morning Workout Inspiration

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We could be better

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“Although people say they want to be thanked more often at work, fewer than 50% of Americans polled for the John Templeton Foundation, a philanthropic organization, reported that they would be very likely to thank salespeople, their mail carriers, or cleaning crews, and just 15% express daily gratitude to friends or colleagues. 74% never or rarely express gratitude to their bosses—but 70% said they’d feel better about themselves if their bosses were more grateful.”

~ Andrew O’Connell – We Could Be Better At Giving ThanksHarvard Business Review

Credits: Stats from HBR.  Image: snoopn4pnuts.com

Is it time yet?!?!


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WAY (better)

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SMWI*: “Sad. This scale can’t be right.”

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I think I’ve got it


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Running. With Zeke.

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64° F.
91% humidty.
Cloud cover low.
I’m sitting on the front stoop.
Zeke (dog) tucked in close to Mama.
Garmin finishes syncing up with the Gremlins.
I walk onto the street.
Strap on the head phones.
And turn the music up.
Take a deep breath.

I see Susan waving me back.

“Zeke’s crying.”
“Zeke’s crying?”
“Yes, I think he wants to come.” [Read more…]

Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Ugh.

snoopy on Monday Morning

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Easter Sunday

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11:02 am. March 20, 2013.

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Spring has officially commenced at 11:02am today. (And it couldn’t have come soon enough.)

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Skate! Skate! Skate!

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I hope that non-Canadians get this too…

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Beethoven. Peanuts Gang. 1-2 Punch.


Ludwig van Beethoven was born on this day in 1770.  Here’s Schroeder and the Peanuts gang on a Youtube video.  At 57 seconds, Snoopy comes on.  And again at 2 minutes. Impossible not to smile. [Read more…]

Happy Thanksgiving from…

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Snoopy at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City…three million are expected to watch the parade live with another 50 million on television.  Snoopy, of course, is the star attraction. Start time: 9am EST.

Source: URBAN AGENDA New York City, Holiday 2012.  Thank you my Susan for sharing.

Me Too…

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Reblogged from Not Perfect Me.  Thank you.

TGIF: OMG, so close to the weekend…

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TGIF: You just know it has been a long week…

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With teamwork, anything is possible…

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…As evidenced by the 2012 Ryder Cup. (Michael & Steve, enough gloating!)

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It Starts Now (10:49am)

Snoopy Blowing Leaf - Autumn - Fall - Charlie Brown

Fall is here…

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Today will be…

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So, Long…Have a Good Day…

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I feel like…

Snoopy Is Tired.  Charlie Brown.  Inspiration.  Quote. Tired.

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T.G.I.F.: It’s time for…

























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Snoopy on Mother’s Day

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