Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Post Thanksgiving Weekend


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Weekend Reflection


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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call



Monday Morning Wake-Up Call


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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call


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Monday Morning


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Monday Morning: Breakfast Time!


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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call


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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: (Very) Sleepy

doberman-puppy-cute-sleepy-adorable doberman-puppy-cute-sleepy-adorable-2

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: The Winner is…

Owner tries to wake-up his puppy at 3:30am.
Winner of the year for Adorable Puppy?
This Great Dane: The runaway winner.

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Monday Morning Wake-up Call: Huh? What?



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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Boo Hoo!


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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Not yet…

koala-bear-koala bear- sleepy

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Awwww, just let me sleep


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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

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Tuesday Morning Wake-Up Call: Way too soon…

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Monday Morning Wake-up Call: Still Sleeping


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It’s been a very long day for sleepy here and for me…

“A female Amethyst-throated Sunangel (Hummingbird) sleeps in Peru. It’s likely that this bird is in the early stages of arousal from deep torpor after disturbance. The gaping of the bill might be a way to breath deeply and bring in plenty of oxygen. When they are disturbed in torpor, they try to warm up as quickly as possible and that involves intense shivering. But initially, they are too cold for high-speed muscle action so it’s hard to see the shivering movements. The high pitched squeaking sound it is making is likely a cute side-effect of the gaping for oxygen. The noise is actually a lot more quiet than it seems, for whatever reason my camera picked it up and made it sound a lot louder. This experiment was performed with the guidance and supervision of some of the top experts in tropical ornithology. This bird was not harmed whatsoever, it was fed with sugar water throughout the experiment and was released safely. After the experiment was done, I watched the bird fly away myself, it was fine.”

MM* Wake-Up Call: What? Have YOU looked in the mirror?


MM* Wake-Up Call: Don’t Even Think About Hitting the Snooze Button


Monday Morning Wake-up Call: Still so sleepy…


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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Still tucked in…

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T.G.I.F.: It’s been a long week


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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Ugh.

snoopy on Monday Morning

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Waking up on Tuesday morning after a long weekend


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Monday Morning Wake-up Call: “Not Yet!”



Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Get your legs up and go!


Baby Owl Learning How to Fly

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: FLY or SLEEP?

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Monday Morning Wake-up Call: Not just yet…

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Monday Morning Wake-up Call: He ain’t heavy. He’s my brother.



T.G.I.F.: It’s been a long week


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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Time to Get Up?


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Morning After Long Weekend

Grab your watch.  How long before you do too?

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Feel like…

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