Monday Morning Wake-Up Call


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Monday Morning Mantra



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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: One and Two and One and Two


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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Not yet…

koala-bear-koala bear- sleepy

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We waste so many days waiting for weekend.
So many nights wanting morning.
Our lust for future comfort is the biggest thief of life.

— Unknown

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Awwww, just let me sleep


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Monday Morning Wake-up Call


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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Blahhhh

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Tuesday Morning Wake-Up Call: Way too soon…

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Monday Morning Wake-up Call: Still Sleeping


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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: “Shower Time!”

adorable_baby_owl_takes_a_bath_04  adorable_baby_owl_takes_a_bath_03

adorable_baby_owl_takes_a_bath_08  adorable_baby_owl_takes_a_bath_07

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: I know you are under the covers!


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Morning Wake-Up Call After Long Weekend: Still sleepy…


An Australian Blue Heeler goes to sleep on top of the flock it has herded.

And if you are still fascinated about herding, read worthy story in today’s WSJ on Cattle Herders in Australia: For Rookie Cowboys, Snakes and Aches Driving Cattle on the Australian Range

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: You up yet?


“The pictures were taken by veteran nature photographer Steven Kazlowski.  The images were taken in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, along the Arctic Coast of Alaska.  There are currently around 20,000 wild bears living in the Arctic Circle.  That number could be cut by two thirds by mid century if the Arctic continues to warm due to climate change.  In 2008, the US government declared polar bears an endangered species and banned all American hunters from returning from Canada with their trophies.  Norway is the only country that has banned all hunting for the species, with Russia, Alaska and Greenland allowing native communities to hunt the bears as a food source.”

DON’T MISS Kazlowski’s other incredible pictures of the polar bears here.

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Vacation Over. Back to Work.


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By the quiet glow of marmalade

“I allow myself
the luxury of breakfast
(I am no nun, for Christ’s sake).
Charmed as I am
by the sputter of bacon,
and the eye-opening properties
of eggs,
it’s the coffee
that’s really sacramental.
In the old days,
I spread fires and floods and pestilence
on my toast.
Nowadays, I’m more selective,
I only read my horoscope
by the quiet glow of the marmalade.”

- Dorothea Grossman, “I Allow Myself”

marmalade 2


Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Breakfast!!!!


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21° F. Time for…

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Monday Morning Wake-up Call: Do you have any fish?


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MM* Wake-Up Call: What? Have YOU looked in the mirror?


MM* Wake-Up Call: Don’t Even Think About Hitting the Snooze Button


Monday Morning Wake-up Call: Breakfast Time!


Monday Morning Wake-up Call: Still so sleepy…


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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Some days, it’s just too soon…



Clouds in my Coffee


I had some dreams,
they were clouds in my coffee
clouds in my coffee,

~ Carly Simon, You’re So Vain

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Breakfast Time!


Baby hippos are born underwater at a weight between 55 and 110 lb and an average length of around 4 feet, and must swim to the surface to take their first breaths. A mother typically gives birth to only one calf, although twins also occur. The young often rest on their mothers’ backs when the water is too deep for them, and they swim underwater to suckle.  After the elephant and rhinoceros, the hippopotamus is the third-largest type of land mammal weighing between 3000 to 8000 pounds.  Despite its stocky shape and short legs, it can easily outrun a human. Hippos have been clocked at 30 km/h (19 mph) over short distances. The hippopotamus is one of the most aggressive creatures in the world and, as such, ranks among the most dangerous animals in Africa. Nevertheless, they are still threatened by habitat loss and poaching for their meat and ivory canine teeth.  (Source: Wiki)

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: It IS that time…

American Kestrel,bird,photography

The American Kestrel also known as the Sparrow Hawk, is a small falcon. It is the most common falcon in North America, and is found in a wide variety of habitats. At 19–21 cm (7–8 in) long, it is also the smallest falcon in North America.  The falcon hunts by hovering in the air with rapid wing beats or perching and scanning the ground for prey. Its diet typically consists of grasshoppers, lizards, mice, and other small birds. It nests in cavities in trees, cliffs, buildings, and other structures. The female lays three to seven eggs, which both sexes help to incubate. It is a common bird to be used in falconry, especially by beginners. (Source: Wiki)

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Sunday Morning: Awaken

From the beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel on the west coast of Florida…

Good Sunday Morning

Need a jump start this morning?



Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Still tucked in…

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Ugh.

snoopy on Monday Morning

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Up. Out of Bed. This way.

monday morning

Sunday Morning: Morning of the World

Morning of the World from Gunther Gheeraert on Vimeo. Music: Ludovico Einaudi - Indaco

Gunther Gheeraert is Film Maker from in Paris. He shoots “Morning of the World” on the EOS 5D Mark III on his travels in Bali, Indonesia where he selects his best moments in life.

Good Sunday Morning.

Monday Morning Wake-Up Call


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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: 5 more minutes?





It’s 6:16 am.
You’re up.
Body aching for more sleep. A long week.
Sun is rising in Kauai.
Winds at 8 mph from North-Northeast.
Passing Clouds.
74° F.
You walk out of your room
onto the beach.
Your toes sink gently into the cool sand.
The surf is lapping at your feet.
You look out onto the horizon,
and find Blue.
Deep Blue
as far as your eyes can see.
And think,
Right here.
Right now.
I wish.

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Waking up on Tuesday morning after a long weekend


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Monday Morning Wake-up Call: Yep, it’s that time.


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Monday Morning Wake Up Call: We’re all sleepy…



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Monday Morning Wake-up Call: “Not Yet!”



Abstain. Try Air.


How much caffeine is actually in your coffee?


Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Get your legs up and go!


Baby Owl Learning How to Fly

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: FLY or SLEEP?

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Monday Morning Wake-up Call: Not just yet…

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A Morning Prayer



Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: GOOD MORNING FRIENDS!


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Monday Morning Wake-up Call: Join me for coffee?




The morning’s the size of heaven. What will you do with it?

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Here is the world you asked for,
        gorgeous and opportune,

here is nine o’clock, harbor wide,
       and a glinting code: promise and warning
             The morning’s the size of heaven.

What will you do with it?

—Mark Doty, from “Long Point Light” in Atlantis: Poems

Mark Doty, 59, is an American poet and memoirist, and the winner of the National Book Award for Poetry in 2008.  Doty was born in Maryville, Tennessee, earned his Bachelor of Arts from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, and received his Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from Goddard College in Vermont.  Doty has taught at the University of Iowa, Princeton, Sarah Lawrence, Columbia, Cornell, University of Houston and NYU.  He is currently Distinguished Professor and Writer in Residence in the Department of English at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, where he directs Writers House.

His third book, “My Alexandria” (University of Illinois Press, 1993), is entirely informed by the AIDS epidemic. In 1989, Doty’s partner Wally Roberts tested positive for HIV. The collection, written while Roberts had not yet become ill, contemplates the prospect of mortality, desperately attempting to find some way of making the prospect of loss even momentarily bearable. “My Alexandria” was chosen for the National Poetry Series by Philip Levine, and won the National Book Critics Circle Award and the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. When the book was published in the U.K. by Jonathan Cape, Doty became the first American poet to win the T.S. Eliot Prize, Britain’s most significant annual award for poetry. (Source: Wiki)

Find his books @ Amazon: My Alexandria and Atlantis: Poems

Credits: Poem Source - yama-bato; Mark Doty Portrait: