Daughter is an English indie folk band originating from London in 2010. Originally the solo work of Elena Tonra, they are now a trio with the addition of guitarist Igor Haefeli and drummer Remi Aguilella.  The band released their debut album, If You Leave, in March 2013. Charting at Number 16 in the UK, it was also received favourably in the press; “An album as beautifully conceived as If You Leave is one you follow from start to finish, riveted by the story it weaves and the emotion it bleeds.” (Source: wiki)

Q: In a similar way, descriptions like ‘haunting’, ‘ethereal’ and ‘achingly beautiful’ are mentioned a lot, but it’s difficult to describe your music any other way, do you like that praise?
A:  Erm, yeah, I don’t really like reading too much [laughs] It’s really lovely when people say things like that about our music, it’s really complimentary, and it has some kind of impact, but yeah, I try not to read too much of what people say in reviews and stuff. They can completely bum you out, and then do the reverse and make you feel really wonderful, and that’s shit as well cause you get lazy and you just think you’re great [laughs] I like being very pessimistic and working hard because I never feel like I’m good enough anyway…Read full Interview with Elena Tonra at Outlineonline.com.

Find their album on iTunes at this link.

Tip of the Tongue

Nate Donnis is an American musician and hidden talent emerging. With robust, earthy vocals and songwriting that has gained industry attention via the BBC’s series “Skins” and the PBS series “Roadtrip Nation”. He delivers compelling/raw acoustic music expressed in forms of Rock and Folk. Following the release of his 2007 “All Directions” with the The Donnis Trio, his music has been well-received.  Songs from his debut album have been placed in television/radio and commercials across the world. With roots in upstate NY, his music sounds like the pine trees, ponds,and fields he grew up with, always searching for the mirror of truth in all things. (Source: Artist Wiki)

Album on iTunes here.  Facebook page here.

The Milk Carton Kids

The Milk Carton Kids is an indie folk duo from Eagle Rock, California, consisting of singers and guitarists Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan, who formed the group in early 2011.  Artists Ryan and Pattengale formed a duo after Ryan attended a solo performance by Pattengale in their shared hometown.  Both had long and largely unsuccessful careers as solo performers behind them, and each had reached a professional crossroads.” (Source: Wiki)

Find “Michigan” song on the album Prologue on iTunes.  The groups website can be found here: milkcartonkids.

Aunt Martha Band

The Aunt Martha Band was formed in 2008 and is led by Tim Noyes (guitar/lead vocals), Brian Kim (violin/bass), and Garrett Leahy (drums).  All three members are originally from the greater Boston area.  The “band draws comparisons to the always moving and incredible Ray Lamontagne, Tim’s soulful yet gritty vocals are wise beyond their years. If you didn’t know the boys were in their twenties, you’d think these tunes were written by men who had already lived a full life and then some.

Thank you ColdDeadHeart for pointing me to another great band.

Freelance Whales

Freelance Whales is an Indie Rock Band from Brooklyn, NY.  Interesting lyrics (odd) but love the music.  One of the Youtube comments described the music: “This song makes me feel like I’m running in slow motion through a field of flowers on a sunny day.”  About right…

Source: Music Touches The Soul

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Changes from Bart van der Gaag on Vimeo.

“Wonderin” is performed by Nicole Reynolds – a Happy, peppy song wrapped with a soothing nature clip to wind down a long day.

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Happy Birthday Old Man.

Neil Young, the legendary Canadian born singer and songwriter turns 67 today.

He can’t sing. He can’t play.  He’s great.

– Tom Earls

Source: Yet, another great post from Rob Firchau @ the The Hammock Papers.  Thank you Rob.

Born to Sing: No Plan B

 Here’s a track from Van Morrison’s new album titled “Born to Sing: No Plan B.”

↓ click for audio (Van Morrison – “End of the Rainbow”)

Album Cover Source: ultimateclassicrock.com

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Be what you be, in all that you are…

First it was AC-DC. Then came Stephen P, Vicki @ The Kiwi Blog Bus and the incomparable Anake Goodall, all from NZ.  And then followed Tracie Louise from South East Queensland with her dazzle.  And just when you think the Down Under is tapped, I trip into an album from Angus Stone a folk-pop-rock singer-songwriter from Australia.  On this album, you’ll be treated to guitar, mandolin, harmonica, trumpets and more…in music that hits my sweet spot.  I couldn’t pick one favorite to share, so I’m giving you a taste of my three favorites…enjoy.

↓ click for audio (“River Love”)

↓ click for audio (“Monsters”)

↓ click for audio (“Be What You Be”)

I can still see my trails from the moon,

The compass for my shadow as it falls.
I can still feel my angel,
Come knocking at my door, she told me

Be what you be,
In all that you are
Be what you be,
In all that you are
Be what you be,
In all that you are
Are, in all that you are.

Album Cover Source: musicfeeds.com.au 

Happy Birthday Bruce…

The Boss turns 63 today.  Here’s Bruce Springsteen with “I’m going down.”

The Gift

Here’s Glen Hansard with The Brooklyn Youth Chorus singing Hansard’s new song titled “The Gift.”  Be sure to also check out Hansard and his co-star Marketa Irglova in the movie Once which earned them the Academy Award for Best Original Song for “Falling Slowly” along with 10 other major award nominations.  Great song and great flick.

This gift will last forever
This gift will never let you down
Some things are made from better stuff
This gift is ready to be found
Just you believe it now 

Source: jungleindierock via gene-how

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Happy Birthday Van…

It’s Van Morrison’s 67th birthday today.  Here’s Van singing “High Summer.”

↓ click for audio




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Blue and White

Here’s Beth Waters singing “Blue and White.

…it’s okay I’m going home now
I’ll be okay tonight
I just wanna be alone now
with the dark and the light
that’s my favorite color blue there
as the sun sets in the sky
there’s just something in the hue there
in the corner of my eye

in the dark and the light
in the blue and the white
something’s pure that I am missing
something’s sure that I am not
holding back and never letting you see…

Image Source: Thank you Anake Goodall – Manolo Valdes, Double Negative, 1942

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Sunday Afternoon with Amos…


Here’s Amos Lee with Norah Jones singing “Colors.”  Lee was born in Philadelphia.  He was a former schoolteacher and bartender before pursuing a career in music.

↓ click for audio (Colors: Amos Lee with Norah Jones)

Image Source: My Divine, Cloud Number 9 via marcdesa

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