T.G.I.F.: It’s been a long week!


Don’t miss other shots of Paddington the Shar Pei in costume: My Modern Met  (Thank you Susan)

Monday Morning Wake-Up Call


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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call


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T.G.I.F.: It’s Been A Long Week


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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call


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Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspiration


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MMWC*: Where the H*ll is my Breakfast?


Source: teatimestories (baby blue Heron lookin’ like a pterodactyl). MMWC* = Monday Morning Wake-Up Call.

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave


Photo Credit: Thank you Eric. (“Zeke”, 7, the 5th and youngest member of the Kanigan family, is a Vizsla.)

Saturday Morning: Here. Right Here.

Dog sleeping in bed alongside master's feet

“If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?”

I opened my mouth to say San Francisco or maybe Madrid – somewhere exotic.

But what came out was:

Here. Right here.”

~ Heather Demetrios, I’ll Meet You There

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A Mother’s work is never done (85 sec)

A mother raccoon is teaching her cub how to climb a tree.