Flying…with Baggage.

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I get assigned the middle seat on flight to the Midwest.

The Window and Aisle seats are occupied.  (< 2 hour flight.  No reason to work oneself up. Last post on similar topic was titled Think Small and it came rushing to mind.)

WSM (Window Seat Mate) asks how “the big guy was so lucky to get stuck in the jump seat.” I reply that I’ve had back-to-back storms to thank for the rescheduling.  No reaction from WSM.

Our Flight is grounded for a “quick repair.”

I pull out my PC to grind through some emails.

WSM steals one glance at my screen.  And then another.  And another.  And another. And then just stares. (I need to invest in a screen protector to keep out prying eyes.  Yet, we can all be forgiven to steal a one quick glance to knock out the curiosity…)  However, there has to be an Emily Post rule where 4-5 side glances followed by a protracted stare is over the line.)

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You’re just another biological organism…

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Are There Really Only Two Alternatives?


“Learn how to become enthusiastically relentless about discovering how to create great wins for others — wins that increase their peace, their happiness, and their prosperity. It will become infectious, and you may often find others seeking the same for you.”

Harvey McKay is the author of several NY Times Bestsellers (Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive; Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt). Is his newsletter this week (Are There Really Only Two Alternatives?), he reviews Steven Covey’s new book titled the The 3rd Alternative and shares his recommendations on how to resolve some of your most difficult conflicts and problems. Some top excerpts from the review can be found below:

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