Lightly child, lightly



  • Post Title & Inspiration: Aldous Huxley: “It’s dark because you are trying too hard. Lightly child, lightly. Learn to do everything lightly. Yes, feel lightly even though you’re feeling deeply. Just lightly let things happen and lightly cope with them.”
  • Image Source: Your Eyes Blaze Out


Lightly child, lightly




Lightly child, lightly




Three for Tuesday


Source: helycharlotte by Dimitriy Sarnikov

Happy Easter

art, painting,

painting, art

Artist: The one and only Marina Kanavaki from Athens, Greece.  Be sure to check out Marina’s Happy Easter post.

Serenity Now


Vitry-sur-Seine by David Walker. 

Street/urban art. What this man can do with a can of spray paint is astonishing.

Find more here: art of David Walker

Genís is Genius

Genís Carreras, 27, is a graphic designer and entrepreneur based in London and born in Catalonia.  He is the author of a book titled: Philographics.  His book is all about explaining big ideas in simple shapes, merging the world of philosophy and graphic design. There are ninety-five designs, each depicting a different “–ism” using a unique combination of geometric shapes, colors, and a short definition of the theory. Find his book on Amazon here.  Find his web site here.

Genís is Genius. Period.



See more below:

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Daryl Zang

Daryl Zang

About Daryl Zang:

My first real contact with art came early in life. I was born in 1971 in New York City and as a baby my mother often pushed my stroller through the galleries of the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum. I don’t remember a time when art was not a part of my life. I have always loved figurative painting and learned my technique earning a BFA at Syracuse University and through study in Florence, Italy.

My painting career truly came into focus after the birth of my first child. Ironically, at this time, I found it unthinkable that I would have the time or energy to take painting seriously. I found an escape in my studio and turned to self-portraiture in order to make sense of all the emotions that had arrived with this new phase of life. I created imagery that was honest and infused with a female perspective which I found difficult to find elsewhere in art. [Read more…]

Till My Teeth Rattle


There’s no remedy, I suppose — this body
just made from the beginning to be shocked,
constantly surprised, perpetually stunned,
poked and prodded, shaken awake,
shaken again and again roughly, rudely,
then left, even more bewildered,
even more amazed.

Pattiann Rogers, closing lines to “Till My Teeth Rattle.”

Last night I had the strangest dream


Last night I had the strangest dream. I was in a laboratory with Dr. Boas and he was talking to me and a group of other people about religion, insisting that life must have a meaning, that man couldn’t live without that. Then he made a mass of jelly-like stuff of the most beautiful blue I had ever seen — and he seemed to be asking us all what to do with it. I remember thinking it was very beautiful but wondering helplessly what it was for. People came and went making absurd suggestions. Somehow Dr. Boas tried to carry them out — but always the people went away angry, or disappointed — and finally after we’d been up all night they had all disappeared and there were just the two of us. He looked at me and said, appealingly “Touch it.” I took some of the astonishingly blue beauty in my hand, and felt with a great thrill that it was living matter. I said “Why it’s life — and that’s enough” — and he looked so pleased that I had found the answer — and said yes “It’s life and that is wonder enough.”

~ Margaret Mead, Anthropologist


Quote Source: Brain Pickings – Life Is Like Blue Jelly: Margaret Mead Discovers the Meaning of Existence in a Dream. Image: Unknown.

John Nolan, Mountain View


“Birth date 1958. Place of birth. Dublin, Ireland. I work from a studio in Dublin City. I have been painting from an early age due to the encouragement I received from my father who was an artist. I explore colour. Colour is the subject of my paintings. I paint in the abstract form and the modern stylised form. I am influenced by many forms of art and artists. Education: I started painting and never stopped.”

~ John Nolan

See more fine art by John Nolan here. See John Nolan’s website here.

The Sound of Taste

What does flavour look like? How does it sound? These are the questions that inspired herb and spice experts, Schwartz, to create what they describe as a ‘Sonic Flavourscape’. Several tons of black peppercorns, cardamom, turmeric, paprika, cumin seeds, ginger, chilli and coriander were rigged to explode in perfect sync with a bespoke musical composition. Each explosion represents an individual piano note or chord, which when filmed at high speed, creates a surreal three dimensional sound scape.”

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, Christmas Tree, ornament


For the millionth time in the history of feeling

performing art, pink,color

“Even now, all possible feelings do not yet exist, there are still those that lie beyond our capacity and our imagination. From time to time, when a piece of music no one has ever written or a painting no one has ever painted, or something else impossible to predict, fathom or yet describe takes place, a new feeling enters the world. And then, for the millionth time in the history of feeling, the heart surges and absorbs the impact.”

Nicole Krauss, from The History of Love

Credits: Source: larmoyante. Photograph: Youreyesblazeout



Source: YourEyesBlazeOut

Running. With Color.


57° F.
I pull on my long sleeve shirt, first of the season.

Burning orange.
The sunrise is working itself up on the horizon. A sliver of light in sea of darkness.
My feet are light. A soft, cool breeze kicks up goose bumps on my chest – I shiver. No matter. All body parts functioning. Biorhythms in alignment. Run friend. Run.

Reflecto Green.
I pass a group of early morning runners. One is wearing a nighttime reflective green vest.
Firefighters wearing florescent green vests are lingering – – others are sweeping glass off the highway. My Thursday night commute home, and I’m late for dinner. My Northbound traffic will be clearing in 6 miles. Southbound traffic is at a standstill. I arrive at the bottleneck. The Roof of the Jeep is decapitated. White air bags hanging limp. 

Yellow. Double Yellow Lines.
I lumber up the meandering hill on Long Neck Point Road. I’m winded. I slow the pace to catch my breath.
He was 12 years old. I was barreling down a 2-lane highway returning from our vacation in Banff, looking for an opening to pass the car ahead of me. Double yellow lines signal a corner.  As I take my foot of the accelerator, a cat bolts in front of the car in front of us.  Eric screams and buries his head into his Mother. I’m looking in the rear view mirror.  He’s trembling.    [Read more…]

Become the sky

tree fall colors chill

Become the sky
Take an axe to the prison wall
Walk out
like someone suddenly born into color.

~ Rumi

Sources: Image – Hungarian Soul. Poem – Make Believe Boutique. Full poem: Poetry-Chaikhana



When misfortune confounds us
in an instant we are saved
by the humblest actions
of memory or attention:
the taste of fruit, the taste of water,
that face returned to us in dream,
the first jasmine flowers of November,
the infinite yearning of the compass,
a book we thought forever lost,
the pulsing of a hexameter,
the little key that opens a house,
the smell of sandalwood or library,
the ancient name of a street,
the colourations of a map,
an unforeseen etymology,
the smoothness of a filed fingernail,
the date that we were searching for,
counting the twelve dark bell-strokes,
a sudden physical pain.

Eight million the deities of Shinto
who travel the earth, secretly.
Those modest divinities touch us,
touch us, and pass on by.

– Jorge Luis Borges

‘Shinto is the indigenous faith of the Japanese people. In general, Shinto is more than a religion and encompasses the ideas, attitudes, and ways of doing things that have become an integral part of the Japanese people for the better part of 2000 years. The ancient Japanese never divided spiritual and material existence, but considered that both were inseparable, seeing everything in a spiritual sense. Shinto, unlike other major religions, does not have a founder, nor does it possess sacred scriptures or texts. Shinto practices can be roughly summed up by the four affirmations:

  1. Tradition and family
  2. Love of nature – The kami are an integral part of nature.
  3. Physical cleanliness – Purification rites are an important part of Shinto
  4. Festivals and ceremonies – Dedicated to honoring and amusing the kami”

Credits: Poem Source: Mystic Medusa.  Image: Mme Scherzo. Shinto Definition:, Jinja Honcho


Beauty: The Art of Cutting Feathers

1-art of cutting featherscolor, feathers [Read more…]

6:12 a.m. Now. Winter Solstice Commences.

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Click For Audio (“Snowstorm 1814” by Shady Bard From the Album “First The Winter)

Sources: Date/time start of winter. The Farmers Almanac.  Sources & Credits for these photo shares (and many other winter photos) can be accessed with a Tumblr account @ dkwinter.  Yes, that is our Zeke – in the third photo – his first winter – with snow on his nose.

Fall in Celje

fall, autumn, fly fishing, fishing, stream, colors

These are pictures taken by Grisa Miheljak @ Grishman Photography of his home town in Celje, Slovenia.  Check out his other wonderful pictures of his home town and his portfolio at GrishmanPhotography.  Thank you Grisa for allowing me to share your work.

They never looked so good…

Look closely.  Those are gummi bears and worms.

“Gummy Big Bang II”  is an explosion composed by a light bulb and tons of red, orange and yellow candy gummi bears, worms, sharks filling a 120-square-foot space. The piece was included in the 2006 Oregon Biennial at the Portland Art Museum.

Source: Shin Sekai

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Get up!

Source: goodmemory

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Time to Get Up!










Source: headlikeanorange via marcdesa

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Nature’s Color Explosion (A Slideshow…)

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click for audio (“Woods” by George Winston From His Album “Autumn)

Sources & Credits for these shares (and many other autumn photos) can be accessed with a Tumblr account @ dkfalllights. Thank you Rob Firchau @ The Hammock Papers for the music inspiration.

Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Stand Tall

Source: goodmemory via harmony-n-nature

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call – Breakfast!

“The Kingfisher makes a perfect dive at 100 km/hr into the little frozen hole in Germany to catch fish for food.  This amazing moment captured by photographer Gisela Delpho.”

Source: goodmemory via opticoverload

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Sunday Morning: Holi. Festival of Colors.

“If you notice the instances under which people gather in large groups, in coliseums, in stadiums – it usually has to do with contention, competition, rivalry, partisanship.  The Festival of Colors stands out from those events because there is none of that competition or rivalry or sectarianism.  People are gathered together just about celebrating our own spirituality and creator from whom we come…He’s present within his name.  Whenever you are chanting any bona fide name of God, God is dancing on the tip of your tongue.  Life becomes simple.  Life becomes streamlined and pared down – – to love of God and love of one’s fellow living beings…We’re all basically the same. There’s unity in diversity.  Underneath all that, there is a natural outpouring of love.”

Holi. Festival of Colors. 2012 from Good Line on Vimeo.

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call!

A Golden Eagle.  Source: fairy-wren

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Look closely at this. (I mean really closely)

Redhead Girl, VivianaArts, drawing, sketch, Samuel Silva, Ballpoint pen art, bic

This photo was drawn with a ballpoint pen by Samuel Silva.  The 29-year old Portugal based artist is an attorney by profession.  Art is his hobby.  He uses just eight different colored ballpoint pens and creates photorealistic portraits of people, animals, and landscapes.  Each drawing can take from 5 to 50 hours to finish.  He doesn’t mix colors or blend them.  Ballpoint pen ink dries instantly and cannot be erased.  Read more and see more of Silva’s beautiful drawings at Deviant Art.

Source: Kaushik @Amusing Planet via Madame Scherzo

Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Pick ‘em up. Put ‘em down. And GO!

Clark’s Grebe.  This species nests on large inland lakes in western North America and migrates to the Pacific coast in winter.  It maintains local populations year-round in  California, Nevada, Arizona, and central Mexico.  It feeds by diving for carp, herring, mollusks, crabs and salamanders.

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Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Shake off the sleep…




















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“I am not good at it…” (right)


Utham has a photography blog @ Light Touch with a tag line of “Just wondering at the miracle called life.”  Utham is from Kochi, India.  He is a neurosurgeon by profession and an amateur photographer.  His world as he describes it is “mostly of diseases, disabilities and deaths, mixed with occasional hopes and some happiness.  Perhaps, that keeps me humble, with feet firmly on the ground.”  He states in his bio “the charm of photography is in freezing the fleeting moment in time – forever. And, often, making the invisible, visible…all plain and simple.”  Utham shares some background on himself at this link including “beauty is something I love to see in people…(I love) caring for the less fortunate…and he goes on to assess his competency in photography stating that “I am not good at it.”  Sorry, Utham, I’d have to strongly disagree…you and your (spare time) work are “plain and simple” inspiring.  Check out Utham’s blog at Light Touch.

Source: Thank you Cristi @ Simple. Interesting for showing me the way to Utham

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Time out with Claire…

Claire Shotter @ Claire Shotter’s Blog describes herself as “a happy workaholic enjoying the best job in the world: Artist.”  And it certainly shows.  Be sure to check out Claire’s blog to see more whimsy, happy, family…

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Spray Paint? Seriously?!

Megan @ Make Something Monday’s is back with another color blast.  This series of paintings is by David Walker (an artist for 3 years) who uses only spray paint.  Check out more of his work and other great posts at Megan’s blog.

spray paint pictures david walker

[Read more…]

89°F and got that Summer feeling…

I have been following David’s blog @ David R. Wetzel’s Photography.  In addition to being a “semi-professional photographer”, I learned that David is an author, a writer and a painter.  (Oh, if I could become a Master in just one of his exceptional talents.)  David was kind enough to let me share two of his paintings that grabbed my immediate attention.  While David currently resides in Alabama, he has managed to transport me to another place and time for a few minutes this evening.  I do have that Summer Feeling.

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Painting With Sound (and Colors!)

Check out Megan’s post at her cool site @ Make Something Monday’s where she features Martin Klimas’ photography.  “Klimas splatters colors of paint on a speaker and cranks up the volume.”  The paint splatters from vibrations from the speaker and Klimas takes the shots.”  See more photos and background information at Megan’s site.  Awesome shots…

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Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspiration: The Color Run

Two short one-minute clips to prod you out the door, or at minimum bring a smile to your face…which has to be worth a few clicks on the calorie count burn…

Big Colors. Like No Other…

Let’s hit BIG COLORS one last time.

  • Location: Glasgow
  • The Site:  The 23-story Queens Court was subsequently demolished.   Residents were moved out in May 2006 in anticipation of the block’s demolition and prior to production.)
  • Music:  Gioachino Rossini’s “Thieving Magpie” first performed in 1817.
  • Supplies: 70,000 litres of paint, 358 single bottle bombs, 33 sextuple air cluster bombs, 2 triple hung cluster bombs 268 mortars, 33 Triple Mortars, 22 Double mortars, 358 meters of weld, 330 meters of steel pipe and 57 km of copper wire.  The non-toxic water-based paint was delivered in one tonne trucks and mixed on site by twenty people. Filming of the paint explosions took place over ten days and involved 250 people. Sixty people stayed behind to clean up over five days.
  • Production Challenges:  ”Apart from the challenge of working with a highly explosive set and pacifying the locals, the crew had to work within the confines of unpredictable Glasgow weather.”

Related Post: Life is Color (and 250,000 bouncy balls)

Thank you RAK for the inspiration and The Inspiration Room for background details.

Life is Color (and 250,000 bouncy balls)…


I could not take my eyes off this soothing and mesmerizing video clip.

It reminded me of bouncy balls (on steroids) in my childhood.

Settle in and watch 250,000 colored balls being dropped down Filbert and Leavenworth Streets in one of the world’s greatest cities – San Francisco.

José González (one of my favorite artists) sings “Heartbeats” for the catchy background music.

Set your troubles away for 2.5 minutes – – forget about your work week – – kick back – – and enjoy.


One night of magic rush
the start a simple touch
one night to push and scream
and then relief
ten days of perfect tunes
the colors red and blue
we had a promise made
we were in love
to call for hands of above
to lean on
wouldn’t be good enough for me,
no to call for hands of above
to lean on
wouldn’t be good enough

Thank you for the inspiration…and The Inspiration Room for background details.


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