Saturday Morning

cat-kitten-bliss-black and white

Source: Atrocity Exhibition

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  1. mmm… smell the coffee!


  2. That perfect moment as you feel the morning sun on your face, coffee in hand and nowhere you need to be – ah….

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  3. WMS–there’s a cool breeze kissing my face as I sit on the deck with a dog in my lap and coffee in my cup. Doesn’t get any better….


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  5. lost in morning meditation…

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  6. I know that feeling–it is too fleeting…………………

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  7. David….is that your cat? Probably not, you do such a good job of finding photos on the net. I love Abyssinian cats…from here it looks like one. They are so smart, if not engaged they can get in lots of trouble. Many have two so their energy & interest is tamed. :)

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  8. Just divine.

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