T.G.I.F.: Never.Take.Your.Eye.Off.The…


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  1. good life lesson–we can learn a lot from dogs

  2. Woohoo.

  3. or any other parts for that matter. yes, focus is key.

  4. Is this real? Did s/he really get up that high??? I know, that isn’t the point – but it’s what I’m thinking. More coffee

  5. Great shot. The pup in the background is waiting for his opportunity……

  6. It’s amazing how grubby old tennis balls never fail to entertain. My Labrador turns from the softest laziest couch-potato at home, into the most competitive dog in the park when it comes to chasing balls — not just her ball but several at once!

  7. Omg..that’s amazing. I wish I was that photographer!!

  8. …the dog, of course! [Never.Take.Your.Eye.Off.The…]!!! ;-)

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