(7º F.) Conversation with G


G:    Gluttony?
dk:  Lately or average?
G:    Gluttony?
dk:  Bit testy, no? Ice cream and pasta.
G:    Church?
dk:  (crickets)
G:    Do unto others…?
dk:  Come on Father. I can’t believe we’re all created in your image.
G:    Do unto others…?
dk:  Oh for G…Sakes. (Sorry) Some of them deserved it.
G:    Adultery?
dk:  No. Closer to celibacy. Desert here Father. Monk. Parched.
G:    Kindness?
dk:  Mostly. Yes.
G:    Kindness?
dk:  OK. OK. There’s work to be done here.
G:    Be sure you wear your thermals.
G:    And, don’t forget your tuk and mittens.

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  1. Smile!

  2. Hmmm…interesting. :-)

  3. I like this…the honesty, transparency. Keep talking :)

  4. Laughed out loud! :)

  5. i like that g needed to do a ‘recheck for accuracy’ on a some of the questions )

  6. Nothing like an honest conversation with G, to take stock of where you are (and to locate your mittens)

  7. Methinks thou shalt get thee to a nunnery ASAP. Oh wait, sorry, that was Shakespeare. And perhaps a slightly different reason… ;=) Onward!

  8. Reblogged this on The Think Tank and commented:
    Just think about it! Let your mind wonder a little! Explore! What you learn may just amaze you!

  9. G means god

  10. My friend, you ain’t no Catholic … where’s the guilt?

  11. You don’t have to be Catholic to have guilt. Those of us raised Catholic are very happy to share!

  12. P.s., you might find yourself sleeping on the couch after this post. Just sayin’……..

  13. Reblogged this on The Teaching Artist.

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