Where’s Caleb on Hump Day?  Merzouga, Morocco.  Here he’s posing with his friend before a long walk in the desert…

Source: Russell Bevan

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  1. Caleb’s day! Now if I see his photo I know it’s Hump Day. :)

  2. and they both are feeling quite proud for being clever enough not to find themselves hanging out within miles of anything resembling a polar vortex.

  3. He’s smiling for the camera – subtly, of course.

  4. Great photo.

  5. Love this portrait!

  6. What a wonderful shot.

  7. Happy Hump Day!!! Cher xo

  8. he better get to his destination by next Wednesday–I cannot live without my hump day Caleb!

  9. Peggy Farrell Schroeder says:

    Very funny!

  10. Great photo!

  11. Of course he is! :)

  12. I feel completely beaten up! Thank goodness Caleb is here to remind me it’s all downhill from this point!

  13. Still makin’ me laugh on Wednesdays. Thank you!

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