SMWI*: Jump Rope Beast

jump rope-skipping-gif


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  1. That is CRAZY! It looks like magic


  3. I don’t see the rope….She forgot the rope! Lol. Crazy!

  4. omg, i can’t even keep up just watching.

  5. Judging from the other comments, I’m not crazy. There really is no rope lol.
    More power to her….

  6. Lol! All of these comments are just too funny.

  7. So fast – you can’t even see the rope. Wait — or is this a trick?

  8. I hope to God my Fusion Circuit instructor doesn’t catch wind of this video or I’m toast. She’s already hell on jumping rope as it is…. :-/

  9. I’m skeptical, David; looks like trickery to me…! ;)

  10. Totally mesmerizing. :)

  11. It’s like she is some kind of human hovercraft!!

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