Every day, start again.

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  1. Sheds new light on the same old “one day at a time” motto, thanks :)

  2. Needed that, thanks. I work for a snake. Yesterday was a snake-pit. Hopefully today is snake-free!!

    Hope your back is healing up :)


  3. Your like button is gone…

  4. I used to double cross my legs like that–cannot do it anymore–but I love the message

  5. Groundhog movie

  6. The comfort in knowing one can – start again…and the weight of that too.

  7. Wonderful image.

  8. Peggy Farrell Schroeder says:

    Agree. Each day presents a new beginning and a way to use lessons learned from prior experiences.

  9. i think this will be my motto today. Thanks for sharing :)

  10. Yes, every day a new slate, a new opportunity to learn something new, to help someone, to benefit from the wisdom of LLL—for so many things!

  11. Yes, that’s what we need to do, but if the vibe was good yesterday it doesn’t harm to surf on it today too.

  12. there is no other way.

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