God’s Nectar


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  1. Going for pizza tomorrow!

  2. Clearly I could not agree more!!! Cher xo

  3. Medicine for your sore back? Though, with only two.steps.under your belt, are you sure you earned such a treat?

  4. Looks good enough to eat now.

  5. Pizza is my favorite food and then pasta! Did I mention that I am Italian?? :)

  6. Yes! Yum!

  7. ah, but you are such wicked tease, david.

  8. Wow – what I wouldn’t do for some of that up in here!
    Looks amazing!

  9. Wow, David, I like your idea of penance….. ;-)

  10. I usually think of nectar as something one drinks – yet this pizza looks so damn good, it qualifies..

  11. That looks delicious!

  12. The Brunette doesn’t understand the importance and nature of pizza. For her, one can only hope for a decent slice in the suburban land of doughy bread and sauce.But my search is yours – the perfect snap in the crust, the slide of the cheese, the sauce that hits just right. I know you come into NYC – have you ever tried Artichoke Basille’s on East 14th Street? No place to eat inside really – but this is a slice to search out and enjoy. Go for the regular slice – it’ll cure any pain you have… :)

  13. Yumm. Good for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  14. I need my piece, please. I can’t resist my craving I feel like to have Pizza in dinner. :)

    • One piece? That would just scratch the craving.

      On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 5:02 AM, lead.learn.live. wrote:


      • Two slices is the minimum – three if no one is watching and you’re not expecting to go to bed within the next several hours…
        Back in the day me and a buddy would head to a pizzeria in Canarsie on Friday afternoons, buy a pie each, sit down at a back table with grape sodas, and polish it all off. Then again it was when appetites were large, calories were not a concern, and pies were $1.75 each…. :)

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