How many times? 1000’s


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  1. I know that feeling. Even after I left home, when I would come back to visit, I’d walk straight to the fridge and open it.

  2. so funny. i love this comic. fyi -sometimes i would open my double door fridge just to fan myself with cool air in the summer. and gaze longingly at the food.

  3. Oh how I know that feeling. Frig full of food and can’t find anything there I have a taste for or can’t remember why I can there in the first place. :) SENIOR MOMENT!


  4. I’ve so been there…
    Like something you want & don’t have in there is gonna’ magically appear.

  5. My problem, is that for me this same scene is repeated in several areas, not just the fridge! And it drives me crazy …

  6. It’ s not only the memory loss that gets me – it’s the going for something to eat just because I’m bored.

  7. For me the trick was to not keep anything fun to eat in the refrigerator or for that fact anywhere in the house. You do get use to it after awhile :)

  8. Oh gosh, so me.

  9. Haha. Me too.

  10. Who’s been over to my house without telling me? ;-)

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