Monday Morning Wake-up Call: Still Sleeping


Source: Thank you Carol @ Radiating Blossom

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  1. How lovely and beautiful, fascinated me, Thank you dear David, Love, nia

  2. This picture is part of a series which just tickles me so. Happy Monday friend..

  3. Absolutely adore this series of photos. Gives me a lump in my throat every time I seem them. Sweet, sweet, sweet….happy Monday, pal.

  4. Ah! Very sweet and endearing.


  5. Lovely pic…it says a lot what we miss today.

  6. This is so sweet specially the face expressions of the Dog. Lovely!

  7. heartbreakingly beautiful

  8. My German Shepard would often climb into my bed at night and cuddle with me. It would freak me out every time lol

  9. Where is the “Do Not Disturb” sign?

  10. I wrote about you today in my blog…please stop by. Thanks for being so inspirational!
    P.S. Love the photo! ♥

  11. Awww, yes…I love that photo. :-) Babies and puppies, precious beings.

  12. Love this whole photo blog/series…melts my heart!

  13. How sweet!

  14. Awwwww. So beautiful.

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