The Balloon Highline


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  1. Incroyable!

    • I had to look it up. Thanks for expanding my vocabulary.

      1796, from Fr., lit. “incredible,” from in- “not” + croire “to believe,” from L. credere.

  2. JUST noticed the little disclaimer: “These are pros, don’t try this at home.” Great…NOW what am I going to do this weekend?!

  3. Is this going to be your Saturday morning work-out David??? ;-) Wow…

  4. Brave young men! Looks like fun, but….eeeks!

  5. i believe my heart may have stopped momentarily. and the clown only made it worse.

  6. Craziness!

  7. You have to be just a tad bit INSANE to try that.

  8. Unbelievable is the word!

  9. The only thing that comes to mind is OMG!!!! :shock: Some people have an alarming sense of fun!! I’m just jealous! :D

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