OK, I need help interpreting the illustration:

  1. She’s single and sleeping alone. Courting suitors?
  2. She’s married. Shares her bed.
  3. She’s married. Shares her bed with another.  Their child.
  4. The family gets a dog. Dog sleeps in bed.  Less room on bed. (This is all sounding close to home.)
  5. She’s pushed out of bed by husband, child and dog? Further separation?
  6. Empty Nesters pull together?
  7. She’s alone. (Husband deceased? Divorced?) Finds peace in meditation and being alone?

Source: “Passages” – NY Times Sunday Book Review

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  1. Got it all backwards, this is her meditation.

  2. She’s come full circle. And there’s peace in that.

  3. OneHotMess says:

    She’s seen and done it all. Now she is happy alone. She’s not estranged from life or others, but finally at peace in her own skin, just as she is…

  4. what if it was just one long, wild day?

  5. Maybe she met somebody else, left home, it did not worked out, and stay alone, seems happy this way…may be I way out of the track…that would not be the first time..:D

  6. It’s an inevitable fact of life….meditation to survive being kicked out of bed!

  7. Forgot to mention husband got tired of the floor and went back to bed….now I’m done.

  8. The man that’s in her bed on the floor is a different man than the man she married though. Unless the husband just happened to dye his hair red. Then the story would be…woman goes Zen after husband goes through 2nd childhood?

  9. Because she got pushed out of bed by the husband, child, and dog…she ended up with the red-haired guy, but because he never bought her a bed and they always slept on the floor…she decided life is truly better alone. Sheesh! Where are the good men???

  10. I think she was pushed out of bed by husband and dog. Look at the ears.

  11. Too late for comments from me – your exchanges with others were far more fun than anything I could contribute at this point. But yes, I agree that it’s a full circle representation. The difference is that the first picture suggests longing and the last picture implies peace of mind. Perhaps a benefit of life experience and returning to one’s self with a greater appreciation.

  12. You can’t see all the bed where she’s on the floor. Is the husband there or not? Does it matter? But when I zoomed in on the illustration, she seems pretty darn happy curled up in her blanket. Until the other guy crawls in. Her little face is surprised (oh, no, not this again!).
    Maybe the moral of the story is get the hell out of bed.

  13. I think she just turned 50.

  14. I believe our soul is a gift from God that we are allowed to nurture and lend to those we come to love. But it is not something that we can just give away. It stays with us our entire life and is in our hands as we are all given choices, a mind to think with and the ability to make choices. Taking time to reflect is where this lady I see is at. Nurturing one’s soul, the part of our body we cannot find through science is so vitally important. Thanks for your post.

  15. A) It was the first and last time she ever used that embroidered pillowcase.
    B) I thought it was a GUY meditating on that last blanket, lol.
    C) Then I read some of the article. It was too long. I’m going back to where a happy creature digs in the sand willy-nilly. I know: No points. None at all.

  16. Laughing. Love the comment. No decision on points!

  17. I’m with you, but two additional observations: it’s all about the approaching Valentine’s Day (starts there) and in the last picture she’s transformed. There’s no red in her hair any more. Ps. not fishing for points.

  18. She’s realized that being alone isn’t exciting, but it is, ultimately, home. And she’s maintaining her balance amidst the changes.

  19. Laughing at your interpretation as I wasn’t getting it at all. I thought you are on point till the time I read the other comments and got to know the other part. Nonetheless, I am still taking your interpretation as it can’t be that deep. Nyah! :p

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