pluviophile - lover of rain

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  1. My condition has a name! :-) seriously, I love nothing more than snuggling in on a rainy day. I find it very peaceful and restorative….Don’t think I could take a steady diet it of, ala Seattle, but here and there, absolutely…. :-)

  2. I love sitting on the porch when it rains. Listening to the pattering of raindrops on the roof. I sometimes even go for a run in the rain. Love it.

  3. Hello – My name is RoSy & I’m a Pluviophile.

  4. I vote with everyone else – just not as a daily dose..

  5. i have my pluvi days and my sunny days

  6. I love watching storms come in over the ocean and I love running in the rain (warm, Florida rain, that is)

  7. Aakriti Singh says:

    nothing can soothe me as the rain does! Its like I forget to whre i belong ….it feels ME to b jst living the raindrops :)

  8. gosh all these years i thought i was alone ….this is me to my core….does anyone know if i could purchase this poster? really would love it…searched but no luck

  9. I’m a raging Pluviophile!! I LOVE the rain!

  10. Soothing and comforting… not to mention it smells wonderful.

  11. Heh! All this time I didn’t know there was a name for this! :)

  12. My nickname is Rain Fan. I live in & LOVE Oregon.

  13. I cant see how anyone could become depressed by rain…its like my liquid happiness. That and vodka

  14. Whoa, I’ve got PEEPS and didn’t know it! Have been ostracized for years for thriving in the rain.

  15. Mujeed Ahad Muhammad says:

    Finally a name for this thoughts of Loving when it rains, and people who understand my plight. The rain brings peace and a certain calmness to my very being, I must live in a rainy place if not i would be depressed, I feel such excitement when it’s cloudy anticipating the rain.

  16. I love it. I swear I was meant to live in the Northwest. I love rain. Not so good when you live in Texas :)

  17. I love to sit on the oceans bluff in Oregon in a warm thunder storm & watch the lightning strike the water, so awesome, & I love to sit on a lg. rock next to a stream listening to the trees, the wind & the brook babble, rain or shine , good for soul searching, especially in my home town. :)

  18. deb foreman says:

    I too have loved the rain all my life. Now I’ve come to realize why. Sometimes life hurts so much and rain washes all the dirt life brings. Its like starting with a clean slate after every rain storm. :-)

  19. Rain. Thunderstorms. Hail. Tornadoes. Sleet. Snow. I love all kinds of storms. Sunshine is depressing to me. Yep, I’m upside down and backwards, and I know it. And I don’t care.

  20. I live in Washington State and it rains 80% of the time. I do not mind it as I grew up in Southeast Alaska and it rained there all but one day my senior year.

  21. heart-heart says:

    I do love when it rains. I easily catch up my lessons when it rains because I feel relax and comfortable.

  22. I pray for rain. I love this post. The last time it rained in my drought ridden So. Calif town, I was jubilant all day. Paulette :-)

  23. That makes two of us!!! We are in a drought here in Texas too and so it makes the absence of rain even more painful! Thank you for visiting my blog today. I’m glad you liked my post and hope you will come again sometime. Blessings, Natalie :)

  24. Plonker says:

    I get up in the morning draw the blinds and if it’s overcast and raining it cheers me up no end…

  25. It’s interesting. We all have our own response to the elements of nature based on our own chemistry. I always loved to look out at the ocean and never knew the mountain air is much better for me, better suited for my constitution.

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