Thank you…

Thanksgiving, Thanks, Thank you, Blog, Blogger, Blogging, Grateful

…for your inspiring posts, your comments, your friendship and your followership.  B.G. captured my thoughts this morning, I’m grateful for you.

Susan, Mimi, LaDona, Lori, Lorne, Alex, Anake, Anneli, Ashi, Beth, BeckyBonnie, Brenna, Caitlin, Carol, Carolyn, Christian, Clanmother, Cristi, Currie, David, Dale, Darlene, Dogdaz, Frank, Frank, Feygirl, Francine, George, Gretchen, Grisa, Indira, Ioanna, Ivon, Jaz, Jeff, Jenni, John, John, John, Joyce, Kalabalu, Katrina, Keith, Kevin, Kim, Kristin, Kurt, Laurie, Leonard, Lu, LukeManoli, Maralee, Marina, Marion, Mark, MBB, Meikah, Melody, Misafusa, MindfulDiary, MixandMatchmeme, Michael, Michael, Michael, Mirta, OneHot(Mess), Ophelia, Naomikko, Nat, Nia, Peter, Paul Mark, Ray, Refeatheringthenest, Renee, Rich, Rick, Rob, Sandy, Sandy Sue, Sarah, Senczyjawa, Simplecherishes, S.L., Sonia, Susan, Stephen, Stephen, Steve, Steve, Sylvia, Todd, Thomas, Tony, Tina, Val, Verna, Wally, Zezil…and for all of my other followers that I didn’t recognize…my apologies…and thank you.

Image Source: Modified Carl Richards Circle of Gratitude | Behavior Gap Behavior Gap


  1. Thank YOU! You inspire me everyday :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Awww… melting. I’m honoured and humbled, Dave.
    And right back at you…

  3. Works both ways.

  4. Thank YOU!!! And you’re welcome too. :)

    Have a happy T Day,

  5. You have no idea how grateful I am for you my friend – you have been a constant source of inspiration, supporter, foil, inner voice…But above all, you have become a friend I admire, enjoy, respect and appreciate. Beyond measure. Full stop.

  6. Love you too, David. :)

  7. Awww, David, THANK YOU! I can honestly say that I look forward to your posts every day–a new angle to consider, a wise reflection, a good belly laugh, a four-tissue gusher–I find all this and more on your blog! I feel proud and privileged to count you among my friends and thank my angels that they led me to this little corner of the blogosphere, as it has enriched my life immeasurably. Like Mimi said–full stop! :-)

  8. Thank you…..for everything!

  9. OneHotMess says:

    Thank YOU, David! Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Returned, David… You are indeed a ‘bright spot’ on the world… :)

  11. Thank you! Your posts is among my daily inspirations! May I share your drawing? :D Thanks!

  12. It is returned with pleasure and admiration my friend.

  13. Thank you! I truly enjoy and look forward to my Lead.Learn.Live fix every morning. Thanks for the inspiration and the laughs.

  14. :) :) :) :) :) Thank you David! :) :) :) :) :)

  15. THANK YOU!!!! :-)

  16. I am honored =) I thank you Dave for being the inspiration and motivation above all for giving me (a careless and self-absorbed person) a reason to miss you. I always look for a reason to speak with you.

  17. Thanks to you Dave for your dedication. Your inspiration, motivation, and knowledge helps so many people. Have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday!

  18. Reblogged this on What I see, what I feel, what I'd like to see… and commented:
    Right back at you, David! I’m grateful for WordPress and what it enables me to do but more importantly, the people with whom it connects me…

  19. Thank you, for everything you do but most of all, I thank you for including me in your circle, you are the center and we are the points, don’t let go for we may tangent out of the radius :))

  20. Oh David…thank you! xo

  21. The feeling is coming back at you and swirling around all of us with its joy and gratitude and waves of kindness.

    Aren’t we each blessed?


  22. Thanks. I always enjoy your posts. Happy Thanksgiving Day. It should be extended to everyday.

  23. Thank you David, I always look forward to your posts and engaging in conversation with you. Have a great weekend.

  24. Sparkly kisses and hugs my sweet friend. Sparkly kisses and hugs!

  25. David, my gratitude is in spades, even though I am late to this fine party! Thank you ever so much; being in this circle, your circle, is humbling, an honor and inspiring. I can’t thank you enough…every day you amaze me. Many cheers!

  26. Reblogged this on Switched On and commented:
    I saw this and thought as it is the season for thankfulness, and I loved this graphic. Thank you David Kanigan for sharing.

  27. THANK YOU for your inspiration!


  28. You are welcome. Awesome blog.

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