Welcome Home. I Missed You.

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  1. Ok, nothing like starting the day with a good, gut-wrenching bawl….:-/. Perfect pre-Thanksgiving video, David. Makes ya realize that it’s the simple things that are the sweetest, the most precious. Family, friends, the love of a good dog…. :-). Hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday!

    • Laughing. I was thinking about putting a few opening words in the post. Then I said: “Self, don’t pollute the well. This clip stands all on its own.” And it certainly does. You are so right Lori, it is the simplest things that touch the soul. Happy Holiday to you and your family.

  2. Tore my heart out!

  3. Now that I have saturated a bunch of tissues and washed my eyes out really really well with a salty solution of tears, I can wish you a Good Morning and a delightful almost Thanksgiving. Now I’m going to go hug up the Sirs and their cousins – say ‘hi’ to Zeke for all of us too.

    • Laughing. This clip has a powerful impact. Even though I have seen many dog welcoming home their owner clips – they move me at the core each time. Good morning Mimi. Hi to the Sirs…

      • The Sirs say hi and thank you for prompting their mom to give them extra, sniffly ‘I love yous’ this morning. I’m an easy cry – but reunions of pups and owners – fuggedaboutit – I’m dissolved. And then I watch them again. I must have ‘idiot’ tattooed somewhere on my forehead. ;-)

      • You aren’t alone here pal

  4. We should all be so lucky. No strings attached to that love.

  5. Thanks for the good feeling cry this morning David…:)

  6. Thanks for the pre-holiday bawlfest. Now I feel cleansed!

    Oh that all could be so loved, right?

    wonderful post, David.

  7. Crying……happy Thanksgiving!

  8. So sweet–I’ve had to get out my tissue. Still sniffing. My dog came running to check out the heartfelt canine whimpers coming from my computer, accompanied by mine and my son’s loud “aahs”.

  9. You made me cry again . . . happy tears.

  10. May we all know that much love. Thanks for posting this, Dave!

  11. Very emotional moment for that dog. (And now for all of us who’ve watched this clip.)

  12. They are people’s best friends :)

  13. Awww…love whimpers, so sweet. :-)

  14. Good feelings & good tears for the night.

  15. Reblogged this on naomikko.

  16. oh dear… thanks for the tears!! every time i see these reunions, i swear. such love and bonding – how can anyone deny their capability to love?

  17. Awwwwwwwww…… Having a friend like that is happiness…..

  18. Very touching. My dog used to cry like this. He died when he was 4. lovely video.

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