So, tell me. What’s on your mind?

funny donkey, laugh, nature, ass, animal, photograph

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  1. This picture has been approved by the American Dental Association which encourages flossing as part of a comprehensive approach to dental hygiene (I love this picture). :-)

  2. I’m in heaven … ;)

  3. LOOOOOOL, can I hug him? Please?

  4. Love the angle, love the expression on the donkey’s face.

    To me, the donkey looks like he’s saying, “So…you just going to lie there all day after you’ve tripped over that rock or get up so we can get back and I can eat?”

  5. I’m going with “Don’t be an ass–get out there and enjoy this beautiful day!” :-)

  6. …”come love, lets fly away together! If you don’t I’ll tickle you to death with this little twig”!
    I wonder whether anyone could see the creature and not smile!
    You made my day, David! :-)

  7. Such a funny picture…..hee-haw…….

  8. Reblogged this on My Blog free thoughts and commented:
    The donkey convention decided that human beings are taking over their role, hence, if you find that few countries are devoid of Donkeys,its because they have left in protest :)

  9. Carrots? Sugar lumps? A challenge to the game of “catch me, if you can”?

  10. You know I’ve given up on the inner workings of the animal mind. I’m thinking maybe he ate a kite or something…

  11. This is so lovely, I wished to have this lovely one :) Thank you dear David, love,nia

  12. Without the straw it would be just another donkey, but he definitely looks pensive.

  13. Mark Thomas says:

    You really do find some great photos!

  14. Love those eyes!

  15. Love all the donkey, horse and mule photos. :)

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