Hi Daddy…

Rachel:   Hi Daddy!

Dad:          Hi Honey.  What’s up?

Rachel:   Daddy, I scored an 88 on a brutal Managerial Accounting Test!

Dad:          Wow, that’s amazing Rachel.  Well done!  I’m proud of you.

Rachel:   OK Daddy.  Just wanted to let you know.  Gotta run.

Self:           “Daddy.”

45 second phone conversation with daughter on car ride home from work.  Priceless.

Image Credit: Thank you abirdeyeview

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  1. LOL – brief but sweet! :D Gone are the days that they linger and talk to us for hours on end. I’m still in that stage where my kids fight for my attention as they share their day with us.

  2. You know it – priceless and memorable. For you both.

  3. Beautiful…. When there’s a ‘real’ bond, time is not of importance…!

  4. Awww. I miss my dad. . .

  5. The word father has always been my favorite. If it would have been possible I would have spent my life with my father because nobody in this world can love a Girl more than her father. You made my day, Dave (=

  6. Quality time, not quantity. Sweet.

  7. It’s different with sons, but I got a similar call from my oldest son the other day: “Dad, I got the promotion”. Of course you did, son — the world is only beginning to know what I knew all along… :-D

  8. Those are the moments that living is all about. Well done.

  9. So poignant, David. I still call my father Daddy and I’m 48. :-). It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality…

  10. I miss mommy, but have chosen to be thankful my children don’t call me Laurie. I’ve heard children use their parent’s “real” and don’t like it. I’ve earned mom,darn it!

  11. My heart…and I know. Same thing here.

  12. Absolutely!

  13. Absolutely priceless!

  14. I’ve been “mom” to my daughters for at least a decade but my 20-yr-old son still calls me “mommy.” Priceless indeed.



  16. Very precious, and congrats to Rachel. :)

  17. So sweet :-) You must be very, very proud of Rachel :-)

  18. So sweet, David. My granddaughter called a few weeks ago from UBCO to tell me her high mark of 98% – in one of her mid-terms – am so glad we still connect with grandchildren!!! They are soooo special!!!

  19. That’s a very nice call to get.

  20. Yes it is Anneli. Yes it is.

  21. Awww…I love that you’re Daddy and that instead of being like my Dad who would have growled that it wasn’t an A, you were supportive, loving and a real Daddy. You Rock! :)

  22. Precious moments!

  23. Hi ^_^ can I use the image as my book cover? Asking for your permission.. thanks ^_^

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