T.G.I.F.: Where are you on the PMC today?

Where am I on the Pain Management Chart today?  ZERO!

And you?

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Source: Ilovecharts

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  1. Number 4 today.

  2. I’m a zero, too, David. It *is* Friday after all…. :-)

  3. I’ll take a “2″…. a memory from those 40 miles a week, running years.

  4. I will just love the pain management chart and wonder why this isn’t the one they use in doctors’ offices? Happy Friday David!

  5. Zero now, heading for a four. Dentist appointment this morning. Have a good weekend.


  6. I will take a 4 for this Friday…..and the day has just begun. Happy TGIF to you!

  7. Zero! :) MJ

  8. Hi, i’nominated you for the Prolific Blogger Award !

  9. I’m at zero. I don’t have time for pain.

    • You, my dear boy, are obviously young. I hope you wise up before the universe mirrors how arrogant it sounds to say you don’t have time for pain. Forgive him for he knows not…

      • Ms. Cochran, my intent for this post was not to mock or make light of those that are suffering physical pain. My brother, who coincidently commented below, has had incredible health challenges over the course of the past two years and struggles daily to get back to full strength. I admire his strength and positive outlook on life. I have another friend (who too commented above) that struggles with painful ailments every day she gets out of bed – she inspires me each and every morning with her blog posts and comments. So, what’s my point. I regret that I’ve offended you and or another others with this post. That was certainly not my intent. And by the way, I’m not young, but I’m still learning. Every single day.

      • To lose the ability to laugh is I think, far greater agony than any pain which can be measured on a scale. As one who struggles with chronic pain and physical limitations, I hold onto laughter as both balm and ballast. Certainly we all of have distinct senses of humor, but to look at this post as anything other than both gentle and amusing is both self-limiting and an unfortunate misinterpretation of this blogger and everything he posts.

    • :) Good for you Rick. I’m about in the same place.

  10. Starting at 3…but not going to let it be my day. To much to do.

  11. Just a 1 – computer-induced (I think) shoulder knot. Nothing a good run won’t take care of.

  12. Number 1. Actually a 0 but I don’t want to sound holier than thou so I pinched myself to see if life is really that good and so I had to make it a 1 to be honest.

  13. Number 4 because I’ve got shingles – have had them for over 9 months. Some days are much worse than others.

  14. I am a zero thank goodness. This would be a great chart to have in our medical office as Charles Schultz was from Santa Rosa. Our town is full of giant snoopy and peanuts characters all over the place in interesting clothing.

  15. No pain, no gain. :)

  16. I think i am at “no pain” Or at least getting there! :)

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