Hurricane Sandy: After Landfall – More Shock and Awe


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  1. Ohmagosh…..

  2. Wow, this picture is unreal.

  3. Devastating.

  4. ‘Read- Storm Sandy’ on my blog. An article covered by the New Scientist magazine in 1976. Any parallels?

  5. No kidding. Shock and awe.

  6. We are so luck where we live, your family and us, we do have such back storms but nothing like this, maybe lots of snow and rain, but this is simply unreal!!! Hope it does not last tooooo long!!!

  7. Crikey, David; says it all…!

  8. The pictures of New York was surreal. We were just there and the images of empty streets and dark buildings is so completely opposite of what we saw. Stay strong.

  9. An amazing set of photos. My prayers go out to all those affected by Storm Sandy. We were fortunate that all we received was some rain in our area.


  10. Hope they got insurance. It’s like something you would only see in the movies.

  11. Someone is bound to come up with a water taxi service. Hover-taxi.

  12. Seen all the pics., devastating, horrifying. We can just pray from here for those who are suffering. And thank God for those who are safe.

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